2017: My Year in Review

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Girl in Chelsea pastel colored houses 2017 has been an incredible journey itself! From travel blogging as a hobby to land press trips and working full time traveling. It’s been my best year to date!

I visited a handful of places that were on my bucket list for ages and I’ve met amazing people on the way, with whom I’ve shared incredible travel experiences.

Plus, I’ve worked with brands and travel companies, making possible the dream of traveling and capturing the beauty of the world.

Let’s break it down, month by month.

2017 in travels



I visited Madrid at the very beginning of the year to attend FITUR as a travel blogger – however, back in the day this blog was just my hobby. I had the chance to meet a lot of bloggers in person in this travel fair.


Berlin is one of my favorite cities with its mix of history and fun. As one of my best friends was living there I went for a visit. It was my 3rd time in Berlin but the 1st time in winter – it was freezing cold and it was not easy to enjoy the outdoors! I visited lots of restaurants and cafés, though.

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Barcelona is one of my favorite cities – I have a few “favorite cities” but Barcelona is the one I’d move in a wink with no doubts. It’s probably the city I’ve visited the most and I come back a few times a year: I’ve been there 3 times this 2017 and I always discover new beautiful places!

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Iceland was one of my biggest travel dreams – it’s so epic!

It was the best choice I’ve ever made: we enjoyed a sunny week with incredible landscapes and northern lights every night. I can’t wait to come back.

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Kerala, India

Back to the end of 2016, I was participating in the #KeralaBlogExpress contest, and they picked me! It was my first press trip and it was going to be in India – I couldn’t believe it when they contacted me.

This trip changed me forever.

I traveled in Kerala for 15 days with 28 travel bloggers. Some of them are some of my best friends now and I learned a lot about India, about travel blogging and I even got to know myself better. 



Goa, India

Once #KeralaBlogExpress ended I decided to stay a few more days in India, as the online visa allowed me to stay for longer. After a couple of days in Varkala I traveled by train to Goa and enjoyed its beaches and sunsets. 

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Valencia, Spain

One of the downsides of living in a small city is that I usually have to make stopovers in random airports to get to a certain destination. That’s how I ended up visiting Valencia for a day! It was enough time to visit the city of Arts and Sciences and I lan to come back one day to explore more. 


Bucharest, Romania

Experience Bucharest selected me among 100 other bloggers and influencers to explore the capital city of Romania for a weekend. It was pretty intense! I barely slept but I got to enjoy this city day and night.

Imagine how much I liked this city: I came back later in the year!

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Milan, Italy

On the way back from Bucharest I had – yet again – a long stopover in another European city: this time it was Milan!

In the few hours I had I got to visit Vittorio Emmanuele Galeries and the Duomo – it was my first time visiting its magnificent terraces! 


La Toja & San Vicente do Mar, Spain

It started to like summer in Galicia (a beautiful region in the North West of Spain where I’m based) so my instahubby and me went for a weekend at Gran Hotel La Toja, a classic luxury hotel located in a small island in Galicia.

The beaches in the nearby area, San Vicente do Mar, are my favorite. As it wasn’t summer already we had them all for ourselves! Yes, we are lucky to live here. 



Milos & Santorini, Greece

Milos and Santorini photos were a game changer on my instagram account. Almost every photo went viral and I started growing a few hundreds of followers a day. Many messaged me asking for advice and telling me they were including these 2 islands in their travel plans thanks to my photos.

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Porto is another city I visit quite often thanks to its proximity to my hometown. This time it was super hot so I managed to appear alone in my pictures easily! Everyone else was in the shade!

Some of the pictures went viral and got reposted in accounts with millions of followers! 



You may have not heard about Vigo yet, it’s my hometown! I joined the press trip #VigoExperience and I got to promote my city by land, sea and air. 



We visited Madrid to attend a wedding and we got to stay at Eurostars Madrid Tower, an iconic building located in one of the 4 skyscrapers of Madrid.



Milan, Cinque Terre, Venice, Burano, Trieste & Lake Como, Italy

We always try to travel to Asia in summer but this year the prices went too high, so we had to improvise.

We flew to Italy, one of my favorite countries and we visited Milan, Cinque Terre, Venice, Burano, Trieste and Lake Como in 2 weeks. Not bad at all!

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Lake Bled, Lake Bohinj, Ljubljana & Bela Krajina, Slovenia

We also spent a week in Slovenia Desde Italia hicimos una escapada de una semana a Eslovenia, a small but beautiful country that got my heart.

We visited Ljubljana, lake Bled and lake Behind, and also Bela Krajina with Big Berry. Put this country in your bucket list asap!

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Rome is one of those cities I’d love to spend a few weeks just enjoying its beauty – I would be eating gelato, pizza and pasta!

This time I visited Rome with Asus to attend the launch of their newest smartphone. I was there for just a couple of days but I plan to visit it again soon.


Lisbon, Portugal

As I told you before, I usually have crazy stopovers when traveling abroad (my home city doesn’t have enough connections!). In September I got to spend a day in Lisbon before heading to Greece.

Athens, Syros & Mykonos, Greece

And I came back to Greece once again! This time I visited Athens and the islands of Syros and Mykonos. I hope to come back to visit other islands as Crete, Paros and Amorgos.

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Eindhoven, Netherlands

I visited Eindhoven in another press trip called #AnotherCityTrip. I had less than 2 days to discover Holand’s design capital city: it’s not as visited as Amsterdam but it’s really worth it.



We visited Romania in a bus for 15 days, traveling the regions of Moldova Bucovina and Transylvania. It was a very intense trip with almost 50 bloggers and influencers!

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I flew from Romania straight to London to attend WTM, where I met many friends and bloggers . It’s always a pleasure to visit London! 



I came back to Barcelona in November – a ridiculously cheap flight with Ryanair was enough reason to visit it again!



Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon was the chosen city for our Christmas city break. Our week there was sunny and lovely! I just love this city.

I don’t want 2017 to be my best year

2017 has been my best year ever… at least travel wise!

I don’t want it to be the best. I want more and better and continue traveling and sharing my experiences with you.

My current goal is to continue working online through instagram and the blog and getting inspired by my trips to fulfill bigger projects.

I hope you like what it’s yet to come!

Thank you

I need to say thank you.

Thanks to tourism boards, travel companies and brands that have trusted me.

Thanks to the content creators that inspired me with their personalities, style and dedication.

Thanks to the ones who helped me taking a photo or giving advice.

And of course, thank you for reading and for following me. Without you I’m nothing.

How to make the most of every year

I don’t have any magical recipe. In my case, traveling and capturing the beauty of the world makes me happy. But it can be also very tiring and lonely, when you end up alone in a hotel room.

I will improvise and will be guided by the things that I love. I hope to make some mistakes too because that’s how we learn to make things better.


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