How to spend 24 hours in New Delhi

Want to know what to see and do in Delhi in 24 hours? India’s capital with its millions and millions of inhabitants can be overwhelming. So to make it easier, here you will find the best things to do in Delhi. Here you will find the most important places we visited in Delhi during the India Blog Train project.

What to see and do in new Delhi in a day

Agrasen Ki Baoli

Start the day by visiting Agrasen Ki Baoli after sunrise. If you go later, the light will not be adequate and will also make too many people. What is a Baoli? A baoli is a kind of well, surrounded by stairs, where the rainy season water is stored to be collected in the dry season. Today, Agrasen Ki Baoli is a tourist attraction more and is also very frequented by locals. On the outside of this baoli you will also find very cool graffiti.

What to see in Delhi: Agrasen Ki Baoli What to see in Delhi: Agrasen Ki Baoli

Gandhi Mural

In the police headquarters awaits this huge mural of Mahatma Gandhi, considered the father of the nation as he managed to lead the process of independence from India thanks to non-violence. If you want to visit, ask your driver to stop for a second on the way to India Gate.

What to see in Delhi: Mural Gandhi

India Gate

There is no more emblematic monument in this chaotic city. The Indian gate, a 42-metre-high triumphal arch, was built to pay homage to the soldiers who died in the First World War. India Gate is surrounded by a garden area that is very popular among locals for their celebrations, picnics or simply, spend the hours.

What to see in Delhi: India Gate

Qutub Minar

Qutub Minar is considered the first symbol of the city of Delhi. Here you can enjoy strolling among the ruins of the temples in the purest Angkor Wat style and of course, the red sandstone minaret.

What to see in Delhi: Qutub Minar

Humayun’s Tumb

The most special feature of the Tomb of Humayun is that its architecture greatly inspired the future design of the Taj Mahal, which is not very worthwhile! Although visiting it at sunrise should be the best option to see how the sun rises from behind the building, we visit it just before the sunset, we walk through its gardens, we marvel at its architecture, the colors in the sky… And it was a perfect gold brooch for our first day in Delhi.

What to see in Delhi: Humayun tomb What to see in Delhi: Humayun tomb

Janpath Market

After the sunset, head to the market of Janpath, a market frequented by both tourists and locals. It is a perfect market to buy souvenirs, incense, saris and accessories. Here I also found a small library:) TIP: If you visit this market, take the opportunity to dine in an authentic restaurant: Garam Dharma. A recommendation from Karylin to enjoy the true Indian cuisine.

What to see in Delhi: Janpath market

If you have more than a day in new Delhi…

Don’t miss Jama Masid, Chandi Chowk, the Red Fort and the spices Market in Old Delhi. These are places I will visit in my next visit to the capital of India: I know I’ll be back!

How to get around in new Delhi

Uber is a fantastic and safe option, but do not forget to use at least once the tuk tuk. It is an experience that must be lived! On the other hand, it is not advisable to be on the street until late, so as soon as the sun sets, ask your hotel or restaurant to call you in a taxi. And as always, use your head:)

Where to sleep in new Delhi

During our stay in new Delhi before and after the Palace on Wheels, we stayed at the Ashok, a huge hotel where you would expect a basket of fruit and biscuits in your immense room. You can book your room here.

Where to sleep in Delhi: The Ashok

Photo Credits: Jinson Abraham/Ministry of Tourism, Govt of India


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