African Safari Outfit Inspiration

My recent African safari was a dream come true – it’s been on my bucket list for ages!

I was beyond excited for this trip of a lifetime: watching the animals in the wild, as they should be! I was really happy even before traveling as we were visiting remote areas in Tanzania like Mahale and Katavi. I knew it was going to be an unforgettable experience!

Before every trip, the same question comes to my mind: “what to pack?”. My African adventure was no exception.

I found it challenging when I started packing: I wanted to keep my outfits stylish but also functional and comfortable, and I was not planning to spend a fortune on new clothing!

Besides, Tanzania is mostly Muslim and conservative so I had to avoid any revealing outfits.

I was lucky to find many cute safari styles available in fashion shops right before traveling to Tanzania. This way I was able to “travel chic” with dresses as I like to do. You can never go wrong with dresses!

Disclaimer: you can stop reading now if you don’t care about how to safari in style!

African Safari Outfit Inspiration

What to wear on a safari in a nutshell:

  • Choose neutral colors like beige, tan or khaki.
  • Avoid wearing red (it may scare the animals) and blue or black (they both attract the Tse-Tse flies).
  • Also, avoid patterns like leopard or camouflage.
  • Wear natural fabrics like cotton and linen.
  • Bring layers: a light jacket or a scarf come very handy in early game drives and night safaris.
  • Last but not least: you must pack a maximum of 15kg!

Get some safari outfit inspiration through my own pictures! 

Shirt Dress + Ankle Boots

When I first saw this dress at the shop I automatically knew I had to pack it for the safari in Tanzania. I felt like Meryl Streep in Out of Africa when I was wearing it! But no, Robert Redford was not around this time.

I styled this dress with a pair of ankle boots from Karma of Charme, an Italian brand with a cute shop in Ibiza. They were super comfy but to be honest, I love to be barefoot whenever I can and I did most of the time on the jeep.

Out of Africa Safari Outfit

Khaki Dress + Safari Hat

This khaki dress in linen was one of my favorite outfits during the trip and I wore it a few times. The fabric is cool and perfect for the hot temperatures and I styled it with a safari-style hat that I borrowed from my friend Layla.

Safari Style Khaki Dress

Pants + Top + Functional Shirt

It’s very rare to see me wearing pants! Well, I did while in Mahale. We went on an easy trek 2 different days to find the chimps into the wild and wearing pants was the best idea.

The first day I styled my joggers with a white blouse while the second I went for this white top and functional shirt with pockets. This type of shirt is very convenient when changing camera lenses!

Safari Outfit Style

Jumpsuit + Converse

If you don’t feel as comfortable as I do with maxi dresses but you want to safari in style, a loose jumpsuit can be perfect! I wore this golden jumpsuit with white sneakers for one early morning game drive.

What To Wear On Safari

White Dress + Straw Hat

Before the trip, I was told that while on a safari you can get really dusty, but you also have free time in between animal encounters. I decided to pack one of my favorite white dresses along with my favorite straw hat to be worn for chill moments at the lodge – and I ended up wearing it on a game drive too. Our safari in Katavi couldn’t be described as dusty at all!

Safari Outfit Style

Flowy Dress + Sandals

Besides the white dress, I packed a flowy maxi dress for the moments at the lodges. For me it’s the most comfortable thing ever and plus, they look awesome for sunset pictures!

Safari Flowy Dress

Swimsuit + Flip Flops

If you’re planning to stay at a lodge, check in advance if it has a pool as many of them do. It’s really nice to relax and cool down in between game drives – unless you fancy have a siesta.

You can also mix and match your swimsuit with your safari pants!

Safari Style Swimsuit

Camera Bag

I’m a big fan of Gatta Bag and not only because Diana, the creative behind the brand is my friend. I really love the product after being using it for more than a year now for almost all my trips. My Lola bag still looks brand new.

During this trip, I fitted a mirrorless camera, 3 different zoom lenses, my iPhone 8plus and a big battery pack in my Lola bag and there was still room for more!

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Safari Camera Bag

Duffel Bag

Remember that you need to fit all your outfits in one duffel or soft shell bag. Double-check the baggage allowance of your airline as they usually allow 15-20kg maximum.


Don’t forget your sunglasses! Aviator or fake Carey sunglasses are good options.

Mosquito Repellent Bracelets

My friend Layla brought mosquito repellent bracelets for all the group: and they worked! Some of them were actually cute and they last around 2 weeks. I’m still wearing it because it looks good and also reminds me of the trip.

African Safari Mosquito Repellent Bracelets

And that’s how I rocked the safari-style in Tanzania! Not bad for a first-timer, huh? Let me know if you like to travel in style too in the comments 🙂

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    1. Hello girl! I experienced the African Safari in Katavi National Park, a remote area in Tanzania where – unlikely other touristy national parks – there were very few jeeps and the experience was incredible. I’ll be sharing more blog posts soon but you can find my Katavi gallery with wildlife photos on the top menu. Kisses!

  1. Definitely pinning this post so I can come back to it when I go on an Africa Safari! Hopefully next year! Love all the outfits, especially the camera bag 😉

  2. All your pictures (and for that matter, outfits) are stunning! I did not know you can buy mosquito bracelets, I need to see if I can kind these in India. xo

    1. They were absolute life savers! After using them in Tanzania I will totally use them again in future tropical destinations. The effect lasts 2 weeks and some of them look really nice 🙂 Thank you for commenting! xx

    1. It’s easy to safari in style! There’s no need to dress as if you were hiking as you spent most of the time on the jeep. Thank you for commenting!

  3. I’ve wanted to go on an African safari since I was a child, and since you’re looking super stylish and lovely in all these pics, I think I’ll definitely be keeping this guide handy for when I get there!! You look great! And mosquito bracelets sound awesome; I’m constantly getting bitten!

  4. Really lovely outfits ! I am going to Tanzania soon, and now I am full of inspiration to go on a little shopping spree !

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