15 Best Apps for Creative Instagram Stories in 2020

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Wanna take your Insta Stories to another level? Think about collages, vintage effects, animations, cool fonts… you can get creative on Instagram Stories in many ways!

Instagram Stories are a very important tool nowadays. It’s the place to show your real personality and the place to boost your engagement, so you better pay attention to the latest trends on Instagram Stories too!

Plus, I have recently reached 100k followers on instagram using these apps, they really have helped me reach a wider audience. You can read more on how to grow on Instagram here.

There are so many apps out there and I want to make it easier for you with this selection of apps for the best Instagram Stories. These are my favorite apps that I use for Instagram Stories almost every day on my main account @dianamiaus. You may have heard about some of them already but I’m sure you will find some new ones too!

Note: all these apps are available for iPhone but not all of them are available Android.

Best Apps for Creative Instagram Stories

Discover the best Apps for creative Instagram Stories!

15 Best Apps for Instagram Stories

Unfold: the app for creating minimal and neat collages

Available for iPhone and Android.

I’ve lost count of how many times you have asked me about this app. Here you go, the best-kept secret on Instagram Stories is called Unfold!

I love this app because it makes the Stories look more neat and elegant, and it also makes the coolest collages, making it possible to share 2 or more photos and videos on the same Story.

Unfold is a freemium app: some of the collage designs are free to use while you’ll have to pay if you want to get the entire collection. My favorite collections are paid: FF1 and RP1. They’re releasing new collections (paid and unpaid) every once in a while and you can also pay a membership to get all the packages – I especially love the stamp stickers!

See some examples using the free templates below:

Mojo video is available for iPhone only.

There are many apps like Unfold trying to be the next big thing on Instagram… and Mojo video has made it!

Mojo video features beautiful designs like Unfold, with the particularity of adding the coolest animations for the best Instagram Stories EVER. The first day I used Mojo on Stories it got me hundreds of dm’s on Instagram and visits on this blog so I highly recommend you to download it ASAP – get it before anyone else!

I still get hundreds of comments and DM’s asking which app I’m using. Well, there you go!

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This article has been originally posted on January 2019 and it's continuosly being updated with the latest trends.

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