3 Easy Hikes You Shouldn’t Miss in Sri Lanka

If you love hiking, then Sri Lanka is perfect for you!

The Central Province in Sri Lanka has some of the best hiking trails: the popular Sigiriya, the insta-famous Pidurangula and the hidden gem Mini World’s End in Knuckels mountain rage. All of them will leave you speechless!

None of them are too difficult (I visited them all in flip flops!) but it can get strenuous in the heat in Pidurangula or with the crowds in Sigiriya. Rest assured, you will always be rewarded at the top of the rock with gorgeous views.

Other cool hikes in Sri Lanka are Adam’s Peak and Little Adam’s Peak

Mini Worlds End
Keep reading to find out the best hiking experiences in Sri Lanka!

3 Best Hikes in Central Sri Lanka

Pidurangula Rock

Do you want to have the best view to Sigiriya? Then you need to climb Pidurangula Rock.

Pidurangula offers a breathtaking view to Lion’s Rock, but it’s more than that: there’s also a 12,5m reclining Buddha that was built in the 60’s that back in the day was world’s largest brick statue of Buddha.

Hiking Pidurangula takes around 30 minutes and it’s not too difficult, but it can be challenging for some depending on personal physical conditions.

There are 2 stages to climb Pidurangula rock: the climb starts with irregular stairs and after the Buddha statue it becomes undefined and you’ll have to climb boulders. Take your time!

The entrance fee to Pidurangula is 500 SLR (around 2,5$).

Tips when visiting Pidurangula

  • The best time to visit Pidurangula to avoid the crowds is sunrise.
  • If you’re visiting either for sunrise or sunset, bring a torch with you (or enough battery in your phone!)
  • To access Pidurangula you need to pass through a temple, so make sure to wear something that covers your shoulders and knees. You can wear whatever you want once the hiking trail starts.
  • It’s windy up there: leave your hat at home!
  • Bring a bottle of water with you.

Sigiriya – Lion’s Rock

Sigiriya: believe it or not, at the top of this impressive rock there was once a king’s palace. You can still visit the frescos King Kashyapa commissioned at the top of this 200 meter rock.

This UNESCO site is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Sri Lanka,

The entrance fee to the ancient city of Sigiriya is 4500 SLR (around 30$).

Tips when visiting Sigiriya

  • To avoid the crowds, visit Sigiriya for sunset.
  • Sigiriya is not a temple, so there’s no need to cover your shoulders or knees.
  • Wear sunscreen!
  • Bring a water of water with you and remove the paper sleeve from it before entering the area.
  • There are massive bee hives and it’s advised to remain quiet so you don’t attract them.
  • Fancy something even more special? Book a hot air balloon flight or a private jet experience over Sigiriya for most epic views!

Pitawala Pathana – Mini World’s End

Pitawala Pathana, also known as Mini World’s End, is Sri Lanka’s hidden gem. Located in Riverston, Matale, and not far from Knuckles mountain range, is part of the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka, a UNESCO site declared in 2010.

This is the easiest hike of the list as the path is relatively flat and just 750 meters long. It’s doable for people from all ages However, the views are truly spectacular and it’s well worth the visit.

The entrance fee to Pitawala Pathana is 600 SLR (around 3$).

Tips when visiting Mini World’s End

  • Be extremely careful when taking pictures, especially if you suffer from vertigo. The cliffs are 800m high.
  • This site is not a temple so you’re free to dress whatever you want.
  • Enjoy the views!

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