Best Instagram spots in Tbilisi

Instagram spots in Tbilisi

I’ve visited Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital, during the last festive season and I was really impressed by its beauty!

At first sight, it looked like a grey city, but every other place I discovered was more colorful and intricate – it’s a photography playground!

Orbeliani Sulfur Baths at Abanotubani

Abano St

I can tell people really loved this facade when I first posted the photo on my Instagram: the engagement was insane!

The intricate patterns and colors made many add Tbilisi on their travel plans. I have to say that apart from taking the photo in front of this beautiful facade, I also got a sulfur bath – totally recommended as it’s one of the most typical things you can do in Tbilisi!

Also, have a walk in the surrounding area: the river, a bridge, spiral staircases, and a waterfall makes this area look straight out of a fairytale – and I’m not exaggerating.

Clock Tower

13 Ioane Shavteli St

Every hour, magic happens at this place – the favorite for the kids! There’s a cute little puppet show every single hour when an angel makes an appearance to ring a bell at the clock.

Make sure you visit at noon to see the puppet show.

Kaleidoscopic house

3 Betlemi St

This building has preserved its stained glass windows since the 19th century, and the light comes through these windows creating a beautiful kaleidoscopic effect.

Please remember that these are real houses, with real neighbors living here.
Remember to remain quiet and respect the locals wherever you go.


8 Egnate Ninoshvili St

Located in a former Soviet sewing factory, Fabrika is now one of the trendiest places in Tbilisi. It reminded me of LX Factory in Lisbon and Revaler Strasse in Berlin, too. Expect design shops, cafes, restaurants, studios, and workshops: there’s even a hostel here! It was one of my favorite places to eat out in Tbilisi. The vibe is just awesome.

Bridge of Peace

MRV5+68 Tbilisi, Georgia

This pedestrian bridge over the Kura river will amaze you if you’re into architecture and contemporary design. It connects New and Old Tbilisi and t’s beautiful day and night when it’s lighten up with more than 1,000 LED lights.

The blue courtyard

Item Gurji str 9/4

Tbilisi has no shortage of beautiful courtyards that make perfect scenarios for Instagram photos. It makes you want to explore every single alley!


25 Shota Rustaveli Ave

I couldn’t visit the Opera as it was not open to the public at the time I was in Tbilisi, but you can expect it to be very pretty – see the pic below!

If you can make it to the Opera during your trip to Tbilisi, please do it.

The London Hotel

31 Antoneli Street

This now decadent building was actually the best hotel in the city a few years back. Its unique hall and main staircase are really beautiful.

Lower Station of Mtatsminda Cable Car

Dzveli Tbilisi

Abandoned places in Tbilisi are a dream for photography aficionados – they’re just too pretty! Keep in mind that some of them are opened to the public, while others aren’t.

Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations in Tbilisi are incredible: that makes it a perfect destination to visit for the festive season. All the great avenues are sparkling in the Christmas lights!

All the locations in the map

Click on the star to save this map on your device and find all the places to enjoy Tbilisi!

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