Where to Find the Streets with Colorful Umbrellas

Who doesn’t love a colorful art installation in the city? They’re pretty, bring joy and rapidly become insta-famous! Especially when they’re about colorful umbrellas in the streets.

Bucharest, for example, was a lovely surprise. There I found the most instagrammable street ever: Pasajul Victoriei, a narrow street that could have been missed easily if it wasn’t for the colorful umbrellas installation covering it. It attracts every other photographer and instagrammer!

I wanted to see one of these streets with my own eyes since forever and I’ve found a few all around the world!

Keep reading to know where to find all the instagram spots with colorful umbrellas.

Where to find the streets with colorful umbrellas

Paris, France

Where to find the umbrellas: Rue Royale 25

Bucharest, Romania

Where to find the umbrellas: Pasajul Victoriei

Timisoara, Romania

Where to find the umbrellas: Strada Alba Iulia

Agueda, Portugal

Where to find the umbrellas: Rua Luis de Camoes – part of Umbrella Sky Project.

Viana do Castelo, Portugal

Where to find the umbrellas: Rua Grande

Athens, Greece

Where to find the umbrellas: Pittaki Street

Istanbul, Turkey

Where to find the umbrellas: Seyr-i Istanbul Haliç Cafe, Demirtaş Mahallesi, Ayrancı Sk. 9/A

Warsaw, Poland

Where to find the umbrellas: Francuska 30

Rouen, France

Where to find the umbrellas: Rue Massacre

Novigrad, Croatia

Where to find the umbrellas: Veliki Trg

Syros, Greece

Where to find the umbrellas: Ermoupolis

Dublin, Ireland

Where to find the umbrellas: Zozimus Bar, Anne’s Lane

Belgrade, Serbia

Where to find the umbrellas: Manufaktura, Kralja Petra 13

Malang, Indonesia

Where to find the umbrellas: Kampung Warna Warni Jodipan

Ipoh, Malaysia

Where to find the umbrellas: Concubine Lane

Port Louis, Mauritius

Where to find the umbrellas: Umbrella Alley at Le Caudan Waterfront

Dubai, UAE

Where to find the umbrellas: Umbrella Passage

Mexico DF, Mexico

Where to find the umbrellas: Comedor Lucerna

Porto de Galinhas, Brazil

Where to find the umbrellas: Pedestrian Area

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Where to find the umbrellas: Calle Fortaleza – not available anymore

Personally I love all type of art, especially when its colorful and photogenic like this, bringing joy to the streets.

Plus, these umbrellas are very convenient, protecting from the sun during summer and bringing some colors during winter time. They also work perfectly as a tourist attraction and I hope to have one of these streets on my city someday soon!

Did I miss any other street with colorful umbrellas? I want to visit them all: help me find them!


  1. Just off cours mirabeau in Aix-en-Provence behind the tourism office is a street with a canopy of brightly coloured umbrellas near an ice cream shop and cookie shop

  2. Hi Diana,

    I have a picture with a street filled with multicolored umbrellas, but don’t know in which place or town this could be?
    Someone put it on their post, not knowing any details about the picture.
    How can I send you that picture?
    Do you know where it was taken ?
    Thanks, Ambriel

  3. There’s a a beautiful umbrella street in Nassau In the Bahamas, not too far from the port. Unfortunately, I don’t know the name of the street.

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