Comporta Travel Guide

Comporta Travel Guide

Welcome to Portugal’s best kept secret: Comporta, a hedonistic haven in the Portuguese coast that still remains off-the-beaten path.

Comporta is boho, but it’s chic. It reminded me to Ibiza and the French Riviera, but it has its own personality. No nightclubs, no hordes of tourists. Comporta is on another level: a more sustainable and slow way of travel.

We started driving in Lisbon and once we entered Comporta, it felt like a different dimension where an endless road surrounded by oaks, sand dunes and rice paddies goes along the coastline. Peace and quiet, no more than that.

It was my first time in Alentejo region, and it rapidly become my favorite beach destination in Portugal.

How to get to and around Comporta

The nearest airport to Comporta is Lisbon international airport. From there, it’s best to rent a car and drive all the way to Comporta for around 1 hour.

Comporta is not just a village, but a collection of 7 different villages and 12 kms of wild beaches.

Having your own car is essential in Comporta. The distances are long, and the hotels and villas are secluded in the nature. Plus, public transportation is almost non-existent.

Things to do in Comporta

  • Beach time: Comporta is a beach paradise, so obviously beach time is a must when in Comporta. There are plenty of beaches to choose from!
  • Sunset at Cais Palafítico da Carrasqueira: another must, with insane reflections and the fishing cabins on stilts.
  • Horse-riding: if you enjoy horse-riding, you will fall in love with Comporta. Cavalos na Areia creates the ultimate experience in the beach. You can join a group or book a private horse ride.
  • Sea activities: the best water sports you can practice in Comporta are kayaking and of course, surf.
  • Yoga: another must in Comporta, which is often offered at the hotels.
  • Spotting wildlife: Comporta is also a nature reserve where you can spot flamingos and dolphins.
  • Go shopping: especially if you love boho findings or antiquities.
  • Enjoy the villas and properties.

Best beaches in Comporta

The beaches in Comporta are wild with white sand and pristine waters.

These are the beaches in Comporta, from north to south:

  • Praia da Comporta
  • Praia da Torre
  • Praia dos Brejos
  • Praia do Carvalhal
  • Praia do Pego

Shopping in Comporta

Comporta is a true paradise when it comes to all things boho, and a shopping rampage spree should be compulsory.

I highly recommend to set aside at least a couple of hours to check all these beautiful shops, especially if you enjoy beachwear and home decor.

These are the shops you need to check out in Comporta! 

  • Lavanda
  • Rice
  • Briffa
  • Manumaya
  • Côte-Sud Comporta
  • Museu de Arroz
  • Fio d’Agua
  • TM Collection

Where to stay in Comporta

Comporta has no shortage of beautiful villas and hotels to choose from.

I stayed at Sublime Comporta which I absolutely loved.

The property offers different types of accommodation, from private villas to bio-pool cabins.

I stayed in one of the bio-pool cabins and it was beyond. I loved all the boho details in the decor and I gathered some ideas to decorate my own home. It rapidly became one of my favorite stays ever.

Check here availability and rates.

Other properties you may want to check out in Comporta:

Where to eat in Comporta

Comporta offers gorgeous restaurants with traditional dishes such as grilled fish and fresh seafood. Simply delicious!

These are the most famous restaurants in Comporta:

  • Sal (Pego Beach)
  • Sem Porta (Muda)
  • Comporta Cafe Beach Club (Comporta Beach)
  • Cavalariça (Comporta Town)


  1. Hello Diana, I am writing to you for some insightful information. I have clients who want to go to Spain and Comforta Portugal. I was reading in some tourism articles that they should rent a car. is driving the same as UK or US? once they arrive in Lisbon would it be best to rent a car? what is the best way to get to Comforta from Lisbon. you help in answering these questions is very help full. I will also use your site to check hotel options. my clients are vip traveler who are in their 60’s but are still very active. but again love a nice concierge service as well. Thank you.

    1. Hi! Yes, the best thing to do is renting a car in Lisbon, but there are also transfers available 🙂

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