Best Day Trips from Porto

Best Day Trips from Porto

If you’re planning a road trip to Portugal, you’ve probably added Porto, Lisbon, and Algarve to your list, but Portugal has much more to offer. There are so many villages that are well worth a visit and any of them are perfect for spending a few hours or an entire weekend.

All these towns are located in the north of Portugal and it’s easy to get to any of them from Porto by car or on a day tour.

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Vila Nova de Gaia

You’ve probably heard from Gaia already, especially if you’re planning to visit Porto.

Many think its a different town once you cross the bridge you’re in Gaia.

You can visit Gaia literally on foot from Porto, just crossing the bridge from Ribeira – and I highly recommend it for epic views of the city! However, Gaia is much more than a place to go for views or drinking wine (yes, you’ll also find many wine cellars in this side of the river Douro).

My favorite thing about Gaia is, as you could have expected, the beach! The chapel Senhor da Pedra, built on the rocks of the beach, is well worth a visit and the surrounding areas are really pretty. There are buses available but I’d recommend hiring your own car.

Distance: 10km / 15 minutes by car
Day Tour:
Calem winery tour in Gaia
Where to stay in Gaia:
The Yeatman, with unbeatable views and the most luxurious style.
day trips from Porto
day trips from Porto

Douro Valley

The Douro Valley is one of the most spectacular regions in Europe, an absolutely incredible landscape made of vineyard terraces. It’s the perfect day trip from Porto!

Expect scenic views, windy roads and of course, wine!

Distance: 120 km / 1h20 by car
Day tour:
Douro Valley day tour from Porto with river cruise and visit to wineries
Where to stay:
Six Senses Douro Valley: 100% recommended for its high standards and sustainability
Click here to read the full review of this hotel
Six Senses Douro Valley
Six Senses Douro Valley


The Douro region is one of the most beautiful areas in Portugal and Europe. Windy roads, wine cellars, little towns, and the ricer Douro create an unique scenery that everyone should add to their itineraries in Portugal.

The most famous site in Lamego is this impressive church, Santuario da Nossa Senhora dos Remedios. Its spectacular Baroque staircase and blue tiles will leave you speechless!

Distance: 128 km / 1h30 by car
Day tour:
Lamego winery tour with tasting
Where to stay nearby Lamego:
Six Senses Douro Valley for the highest standards and sustainability
Click here to read the full review of this hotel
day trips from Porto

Aveiro & Costa Nova

Aveiro is known as the Portuguese Venice – they even have their own version of the gondolas: mouliceiros!

In the coastline of Aveiro, Costa Nova do Prado is insta-famous thanks to its stripped colorful houses – I’m sure you’ve already seen them before!

Distance: 75km /45 minutes by car
Day tour: Aveiro day tour from Porto or Gaia
Where to stay in Aveiro: Aveiro Palace, recommended for its perfect location
Click here to know what to expect from Costa Nova

Viana do Castelo

Viana do Castelo is one of the most beautiful towns in the north of Portugal, but it’s often overlooked.

The most famous site in Viana do Castelo is the Santuario de Santa Luzia, located on top of a mountain and accessible by car or cable car: the views from up there are breathtaking!

But Viana has much more to offer: the town center is really pretty, and they even have a street art installation with umbrellas! And the seaside is well worth a visit, too: Afife, Arda, and Cabedelo are my absolute favorite beaches in Viana do Castelo.

It doesn’t matter where you go to Portugal, it’s always a foodie’s paradise. If you have a sweet tooth, do not miss the opportunity of having a traditional “bola de Berlin” at Ze Natario, very centrally located.

Distance: 74km / 50 mins by car
Day tour:
Viana day tour from Porto
Where to stay in Viana do Castelo:

Pousada de Viana do Castelo: its incredible view will make you dream
Hotel FeelViana: surrounded by nature and located right next to the beach, I recommend it for its surf vibes
day trips from Porto
day trips from Porto

Vila Real

I’ve spent a weekend with friends in Vila Real and we had a blast!

Located by the river Corgo, it’s less than an hour away from Porto and very recommended for every road trip in Portugal.

Vila Real has a few well-preserved chapels and buildings in the traditional Manueline style, interesting museums (psst, all of them are free to visit!), and a very relaxed vibe.

Distance: 95 km / 1h by car
Day tour:
not available – I recommend you rent your own car with Rental Cars.
Where to stay in Vila Real:
Hotel Miracorgo: recommended for its location and sunrise views
day trips from Porto
day trips from Porto

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