Syros Travel Guide

Syros Travel Guide

Greece has something every type of traveler: Athens is a wonder for those seeking for art and history, Santorini is the most romantic, Mykonos and Ios are the best for party-goers and others Milos attracts those who want to see some of the most spectacular beaches in the world. You will find a bit of everything in Crete, the bigger island in the archipelago – and on the top of my list for a possible third trip to Greece!

You will find a lot of information on the internet about all these places and about others that are now appearing on the touristy radar as Naxos, Paros, and Amorgos… however, these are still a secret for a lot of visitors.

Today I want to talk about you a Greek island that may not have heard of yet: Syros.

Discover Syros

Syros hides a very rich past: you don’t have to walk far to find little palaces and roads covered in marble that goes unnoticed for the locals passing by. In Syros, unlike other Greek islands, it’s easy to see how the locals spend their daily life.

Discover Ermoupolis, Cyclades islands capital city

Syros’ capital, Ermoupolis, features some pretty narrow streets in pastel colors, splashed with bougainvilleas and many, many cats. Its huge port offers a lot of restaurants, cafes, and clubs to enjoy the area at any time.

Ermoupoli doesn’t need any filter: its pastel colors and light reflecting on the marble streets could be the perfect scenario for a Wes Anderson movie.

Discover Ano Syros

Ano Syros is located on the top of the hill, with Saint George’s church atop it. It’s the medieval Syros and in the past, it was protected by a fort.

It’s a real pleasure to get lost on these narrow streets and enjoy the views. If you dare, you can walk there from Ermupolis.

Discover Syros’ beaches

Like the neighboring islands, Syros’ beaches are blessed with pristine Egean waters.

The most beautiful beaches on the island are Asteria, Galisas, Posidonia, and Kini. All of them, with many restaurants around.

Discover Syros’ cats (and other creatures)

From my very first minutes in Greece, I was welcomed by a cat: they’re everywhere! Including airports, beaches, and streets. I already told you on instagram that in Syros I discovered what I wanted to be on my next life: an island cat 🙂

Actually, on the way to Asteria beach, there is the Syros Cat Park. It’s behind the bushes, with little tables for the cats to sunbath if they want. There they have everything they need: food, clean water, and their toilet! This left me speechless and I loved how the people of Syros cared about their cats.

In order to fully discover Syros, I dare you to meet all the island cats… as well as Nicoletta the donkey 🙂

Discover Syros’ gastronomy

Syros is a paradise for the foodies… especially if you like fish and seafood.

Best restaurants on the island:

  • Allou Yialou: located at Kini beach, it’s one of the best restaurants in Syros. It’s right in front of the sea, featuring a nautical decor and top dishes.
  • aVentoura: at Galissas beach, aVentoura offers typical Greek and Syros dishes.
  • Thraka: if you’re craving for authentic gyros, this lovely little restaurant in front of the sea is perfect.
  • Asteria Bar: this terrace is one of the most beautiful places on the island. It’s perfect for sunset drinks!

How to get to Syros

Syros has a tiny airport but it may be easier – and cheaper – to get there by ferry from Athens or other islands.

Check your options here.

Where to stay in Syros

During our days in Syros, we stayed at hotel Diogenis, right in front of the port. It’s perfect if you arrive by ferry.


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