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Campeche Travel Guide

Campeche Travel Guide My first visit to Mexico left me wanting more. Because traveling all-inclusive is cool but you don’t get to experience the culture or visit the road less traveled. I’m happy that only 3 months later I had the…

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Why You Should Visit Campeche

Why You Should Visit Campeche Little did I know about Campeche before arriving there. We traveled to this lovely city after visiting other colorful places in the Yucatan peninsula, as Merida and Valladolid, but Campeche was the one that stole…

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Instagram spots in Santorini

Santorini Instagram Guide Santorini is one of the most photogenic places in the world.  My first visit to this beautiful island has been way too short, but we have managed to come back with a million photos. Every corner is…

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The perfect weekend in Tuscany

You guessed it right: I’m in love with Italy. It’s one of my favorite countries because everytime I visit, I get to discover a new fantastic place. It always makes me fall in love with its lovely villages, pretty landscapes…

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Best Luxury Hotels in Romania

I just have come back from my 3rd trip to Romania in the last year – someone seems to like this country so much, huh? – and having stayed in many amazing hotels across the country, I have to say…

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Glamping in Galicia: Staying in a Treehouse

Imagine a forest where only the sound of the birds and the breeze on the trees can be heard. Imagine a treehouse in the forest, and imagine that this place is your home for the night. Ever since I was…

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Procida Travel Guide

The colorful island of Procida is the tiniest in the Naples gulf, and still remains undiscovered. Most of tourists choose either Capri or Ischia for their vacations, but I decided to visit Procida: a rainbowlike hidden gem that instantly caught…

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Staying at Eurostars Hotel Excelsior in Naples

I have recently visited Naples for my very first time and have had the great opportunity to stay at the Eurostars Hotel Excelsior, one of the great classic hotels in Naples. Staying at Eurostars Hotel Excelsior in Naples Location Located…

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Instagram spots in Mykonos

Mykonos is one of the most visited islands in Greece and attracts several types of people: groups of friends looking for party nights, honeymooners, cruise ship passengers only there for a day trip, families and of course, photographers, whether professional…

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