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Instagram spots in Barcelona

What’s the most instagrameable city in Spain? Easy answer, given the amount of Instagram spots available in Barcelona. Wait.. what’s an Instagram spot? It’s just a photogenic location that by repetition has become insta-famous, ensuring your instagram photos a bunch…

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Romania, the fairy tale land

10 Beautiful Places In Romania That Are Straight Out Of Fairy Tales Imagine a city where the houses are watching wherever you go. Imagine a country full of castles and citadels, legends and traditions, mixed with beautiful landscapes of colorful…

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10 Best Places to Visit in Slovenia

Best Places to Visit in Slovenia Slovenia is a tiny country but it’s rich in beautiful fairytale-like places, many of them featuring castles, swans, boat rides in lakes, scenic mountains and mysterious caves… and among everything, only wonderful people who…

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Instagram spots in Venice

Venice, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Also, a very crowded and touristy town, so that photographing it can be a challenge – especially during summer. In spite of the warmth, the number of tourists and their…

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How to Visit Duomo in Milan

A day in Milan My trip to Bucharest not only allowed me to get to know the capital of Romania but also made me return to Milan. This was not my first time in the city nor the first time…

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Glamping in Big Berry, Slovenia

Glamping in Big Berry, Slovenia What is Big Berry? Big Berry is a glamping site located on the banks of the Kolpa river, the natural border between Slovenia and Croatia. They have built some design houses in which they have taken…

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Sarakiniko, one of a kind beach in Milos

2017 is being the best year in my life. I had been wanting to visit Greece for a long time and Sarakiniko beach in the little island of Milos was one of the reasons that made me want to visit…

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10 Things To Do In Bucharest, Romania

25 things to do in Bucharest, Romania If you already follow me on instagram (if not, what are you waiting for?) you may have seen me spending a few days in Bucharest with many other bloggers, instagramers, Twitter stars and YouTubers for the…

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Into the wild: Thórsmörk and Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland

Into the wild: Thórsmörk and Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland You already know that Iceland is amazing, its landscapes leaves you speechless and yes, it totally looks like another planet. But there was a very special place that captivated me, one of the…

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