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15 amazing things to do for the first time in Iceland

15 amazing things to do for the first time in Iceland Iceland has a lot to offer to those who enjoy new experiences. The land of ice and fire has captivated me and surprised me more than I could have…

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Where to stay in Iceland for all types of travelers

Where to sleep in Iceland: accommodation options During our week touring Iceland we stayed in every kind of acommodation. We went in winter so we opt for staying indoors, but if you travel in summer you can always rent a…

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7-day itinerary in Iceland

7-day itinerary in Iceland If you ask me, I’ll tell you that 7 days in Iceland are not enough. I would add at least 3 days or one more week, as exploring the country touring the Ring Road is simple…

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5 reasons to visit Iceland in winter

5 reasons to visit Iceland in winter There were few people who thought I was crazy for planning to visit Iceland in  winter. If I had trusted their criteria, I would have missed one of the most amazing trips I…

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5 Tips for Driving in Iceland in winter

Tips for driving in Iceland There’s no better place for a road trip. The landscapes of Iceland will mesmerize you! The best way to visit Iceland is with a rental car. Other means of transportation are reduced as there are no…

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50 Things To Do In Berlin

50 Things To Do In Berlin A few days ago I visited Berlin again and I’ve come back with multiple recommendations! I’ve been spending a few days with a friend that is been living there for a few years, so…

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Glamping in Galicia: the loveliest treehouses

Imagine a forest where only the sound of the birds and the breeze on the trees can be heard. Imagine a treehouse in the forest, and imagine that this place is your home for the night. Ever since I was…

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