How to bring vacation vibes home (when you cannot travel)

How to bring vacation vibes home (when you cannot travel)

How to bring vacation vibes home (when you cannot travel)

If you’re missing traveling right now, I can totally feel you.

Whenever we cannot travel, being the reason a global pandemic or whatever, it’s the perfect time to bring a holiday vibe home to make it feel cozy and happier.

Keep reading to find some cool ideas to deal with your wanderlust while you’re forced to stay home. Spoiler: it’s not just about displaying travel souvenirs all over the place, but creating the vacation vibe you need right now.

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Recreate decoration ideas spotted on your trips

Personally, my favorite destinations for decor inspiration are the tropics, Morocco and Ibiza. And I want to feel the vibe of those places when I’m home.

To recreate the style from all these places, I’ve been gradually adding new plants and furniture and accessories in natural materials and soft colors. Some of the pieces were bought during my travels, while others were purchased mostly online on my favorite shops: Urban Outfitters, Article, and Zara Home.

My home now features a boho-chic style that I love because it reminds me of all these places.

Simple items make a big difference. These are the ones I went for:

I’ll be adding new pieces to bring more vacation vibes home like a mosquito net canopy for my bed, a beaded chandelier, and a big rustic mirror. I cannot wait to travel again to bring more treasures home!

Add (or create) artwork inspired by your favorite destinations

Art always brings personality to our homes.

I used to buy pieces of art and handicrafts in local markets while traveling: there are always cool findings for sale and they’re the most beautiful way to remember a trip while actually helping the local community.

If you don’t have any artwork, you can always DIY! Get inspired by the destinations you loved and create your own.

To recreate the style from design hotels and restaurants, always opt for a big canvas. These are all the items you will need to create your own:

Decorate with your own travel photos

We were so used to take thousands of photographs during our trips and they’re the nicest way to add a personal touch to our homie.

There are many ways to display our travel photos at home. From small bits here and there to a gallery wall with different frames or as a collage made of posters.

Make use of your travel memorabilia

Displaying your travel souvenirs in a stylish way is also possible.

There are so many ways depending on the travel memorabilia you’ve been collecting from all your trips: magnets, postcards, books, vintage maps, figures… they will look amazing together in a bookshelf or a dedicated wall at your place.

I personally love the hat gallery I’ve created featuring the pieces I’ve got from my trips.

Find the right scent

Some particular scents leave a mark on us. They have the superpower of teleporting us to a certain destination. Do you wonder why? The answer is very easy: smells are linked to our memories.

Recreate the feeling from a place by using its most recognizable scent with fragrances and essential oils: make your home smell like the Amalfi Coast with a lemon scent, recreate Marrakech with the orange flower fragrance or make it feel like a flower field in Provence with the scent of lavender.

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