Getting around India: transportation tips and discounts

Get ready to explore incredible India!

In this guide, we’ll delve into the transportation options available, from convenient private transfers to the iconic Indian train network.

Whether you’re weaving through traffic in a bustling city or traversing vast distances across the country, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in and explore how to get around this vibrant and dynamic nation!

On this article you will find out our recommended means of transportation for your future trip to India: wether you like the luxury of your private driver, or you want to experience a train ride or using ridesharing apps in the city, we’ve got you covered.

Keep reading to find everything you need to know about transportation in India, including tips and discounts!

Getting around India with a private transfer: the best way to travel between cities

One of the best ways to getting around India is with a private driver, on your own car transfer.

I highly recommend Daytrip for an easy, convenient private transfer. They’re available in 110 countries! I’ve tried this service in Mexico and Morocco, and it’s now available in India, too.

Daytrip provides door-to-door service, with English-speaking drivers with clean, comfortable cars. It’s safe and convenient!

The best part of using Daytrip and why it stands up over other transfer service companies, is that you can fully customize your trip, adding sightseeing stops along the way.

Besides, it offers a hassle-free experience. Can’t recommend it enough!

Tips when booking your private transfer on Daytrip:

  • Select your pick up and drop off locations to make the most of the door-to-door service!
  • Add a sightseeing stop from the suggested options, or add your own
  • If the requested trip is not in their system, send a custom request: they will arrange it quickly and get back to you shortly!
  • Don’t forget to tip your driver!
  • Use the code DIANAMILLOS to get a 5% OFF discount!

This option is ideal to cover distances between cities, for example traveling around the Golden Triangle in Rajasthan. Distances between Delhi, Agra and Jaipur are between 3 to 5 hours and traveling on your own private transfer is the most comfortable option.

Getting around India by train: a bucket list experience

Traveling by train in India should be in your bucket list.

India has an amazing rail network that allows travelers to connect long distances as it covers the country almost in its entirety.

Besides regular trains, India has a collection of luxury trains that are the best way to experience India in style. These trains are all-inclusive, including guided tours, restaurants, spa and meals, your own room with ensuite bathroom and a personal butler. The only downside? The price tag is from 7k USD!

I’ve personally traveled the luxury train Palace on Wheels, and it was really beyond expectations! I’ve also traveled on overnight train rides in Goa and Kerala, and plan to do it again to visit Varanasi from Agra.

Things you need to know when traveling in India by train:

  • Never book Non AC – Sleeper Class tickets, unless it’s a very short ride. This is the lower category, it’s packed, usually with wooden seats and it lacks aircon.
  • Always try to book First class tickets for more space, more comfortable seats and aircon.
  • Book your tickets in advance: they often sell out!
  • Dress comfortably and modestly.
  • If you’re traveling at night you will be able to sleep quite comfortably. However, during the day, you will probably spend the ride chatting with other passengers sharing a cup of masala chai. This is something I really loved and one of the highlights of my trips in India!

I’d recommend the train rides to cover long distances overnight.

Ridesharing: the best way to cover short distances in the city

Ridesharing works great in India!

I’ve personally tried Uber and Ola, another ridesharing app that is sometimes cheaper than Uber.

The coolest thing about these ridesharing apps is that you can order regular taxis but also tuktuks, that are sometimes faster as they can avoid traffic jams more easily!

I’d recommend these apps to cover short distances within the same city.

Rent a car or motorbike: can’t recommend this!

Lastly, you can rent a car in India. However, I wouldn’t recommend this option unless it’s your last resort – or if you’re Indian!

To rent a car in India, you just need an international driving permit and your passport. Besides, some companies might require you to be over 21 or even 23 years old.

However, they joke about what you really need to drive in India. As they say, you need good horn, good brakes and good luck! Doesn’t sound safe enough to me so I would avoid this option!

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