How to go viral on Instagram Reels

Are you also addicted to Instagram Reels? The new short-video feature on Instagram has something for everyone: educational content, comedy, fashion, travel… it’s a new must for every brand or creator.

Since my first Reel got more than 1 million views, you’ve asked me how I made it. Even when it’s kind of random, there are a few steps to follow. Ever since my first viral Reel I’ve got many other Reels with millions of views and I’ll share all my tips and tricks with you.

On this post, you will discover how to post on Instagram Reels, video editing tools, and how to go viral and get new followers on Instagram Reels. 

Why using Reels

Instagram was created as a photography app and 10 years after, we’re far from the original version. Now, after its exponential growth and a few algorithm changes, Instagram has become a perfect mix between photography, video, and storytelling.

Reels is a new type of content. It’s different from Stories, Tiktok, YouTube… it’s basically Meta’s version of Tiktok, but they’re not the same thing.

If you’re a brand or a creator, you have to start using Reels. It’s the best way to show your personality and to connect with your audience.

Plus, Reels is the easiest way to grow organically on Instagram, as Instagram is promoting this type of content on the platform.

Get used to Reels

The first step is getting to know how Reels work and how to use the video editor in Reels. Play with it to learn the basics: it’s pretty simple! You’ll get it quickly.

Next, you need to identify trends. You can do this by watching what others are doing.

Speaking of trends, keep an eye on trendy sounds and music. You will easily identify them when you start noticing an arrow next to the sound details, as in the photo below.

Try a few things with different ideas and concepts. You can always leave the content in your Drafts if you’re not ready to post yet!

Reels is the best way to share your personality. 

If you want to hop on a trend, think first how to add your personal touch so it’s valuable for your audience.

You need to be a trend-setter, not a follower. So instead of replicating the same reel everyone else is doing, make your own.

Whenever you’re creating a new reel, make sure to follow these steps:

  • Think outside the box
  • Enjoy the process
  • Post with a plan / estrategy
  • Research what your target audience’s interests
  • Create valuable content: solving problems, educating, or entertaining your audience

How to edit a video Reels

Luckily, there are apps that make video editing easy on mobile.

These are the ones I recommend:

  • InShot or CapCut: the most popular apps to adjust speed, separate clips, adding transitions and much more.
  • Lightroom: to edit the video colors.

How to post on Reels to go viral

Once your Reel is ready to be posted, your goal is to get your Reel to be a featured pick. This way your video will appear on the top of the Explore page for thousands of users. If that happens, you’ll get seen by thousands or millions of accounts and you’ll get new followers as a result.

This can happen days or even weeks after posting and it can last for weeks or even months.

You need to follow these steps when posting on Reels:

  • Share your Reels on the Instagram Grid
  • Share your Reels on Instagram Stories
  • Tag the brands or companies in the video so they share it and you get extra views
  • If you have a viral Reel, create new versions around the same theme, style or music
  • Keep creating new Reels often to get featured again
  • Join the current trends with your own twist
  • Use popular/trendy music
  • Keep your reels short, from 6 to 15 seconds max.
  • Make sure your video is high quality. Go to advanced settings before posting and make sure it will upload at the highest quality. This way you can use 4k videos.
  • Use between 5 and 10 related hashtags.
  • Write a call to action on your Reel. This way, your audience will click to read more.Example: details in the caption.
  • Create informative content. Think about the things the people like to save to check later on. This is something that helps the algorithm to identify valuable content and it will get shown more.
  • Create shareable content. Think about the things the people like to share on their stories. Those views count, too!

If your Reel gets picked, you will get a notification like this one:

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  1. Hi,

    Thank you so much for sharing this fabulous information… May I know the related hashtags list so, I can use it for my reels.

  2. I was searching for the best time to post reels on Instagram. I got your blog which helps too. Thank You so much for such informative blog

  3. is reels features is still available in insta or fb platform. or can i use inshot app for making the video for editing.

  4. I make reels with so much effort, even then it does not go viral and the quality of my videos is also perfect.

    1. Hi Fardin, sometimes what we believe is good it’s not picked by instagram. Keep trying and being consistent, find what works best for your audience and keep following the same niche and formats that work!

  5. But this doesn’t work I have tried n number of times..There is no logic some people just post without no effort they get lakhs of likes..But others on the other hand they put lot of efforts getting not even likes in hundreds.

    1. If you keep posting high quality reels, you’ll be a featured pick! Keep in mind there are thousands of reels being uploaded to Instagram everyday and the algorithm cannot pick every single one.

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