How to pose for Instagram travel photos: 10 easy poses

If you never know what to do with your body, your face or your hands while someone is taking a photo of you… Keep reading.

For me it was the same not long ago. Now, I have over 100k followers on Instagram and I get thousands of likes a day (and I’m so grateful for that!) but truth is, I didn’t have any idea about how to look great in pictures some years ago.

I still avoid showing my face in photos, but I can show you how to strike a great pose for Instagram. Today I’m sharing with you my top 10 easy poses that help me get the most likes, so you can use them as well.

How to pose for Instagram travel photos: 10 easy poses

Just keep walkin’

Difficulty level 2/5

Something easy to start with: you only need to walk! Make sure you’re framing the background correctly so it’s getting all the attention on the photo. Then, you just need to walk!

Tip: if you’re walking to the right, it will look nicer to appear on the left side of the picture. When in doubt, appear in the middle so the photo has some kind of symmetry.

Enjoy the views

Difficulty level 2/5

When staying at fabulous hotels, there’s nothing like having a cup of coffee with a view. Don’t miss the opportunity to portray this coziness – if that’s your style, of course!

Follow me to

Difficulty level 4/5

The “follow me to” pose is without any doubts the most famous pose on Instagram, and that’s for a reason. You can try every single version: standing up, sitting down, looking away or straight into the camera…

The most difficult thing here is capturing the whole scene: it will be easier if you use a wide angle lens.

Sailing Day

Difficulty level 3/5

My ideal day should be spent on a boat. I truly believe Instagram agrees, as it seems that all the pictures taken onboard receive pretty good engagement!

Hanging out

Difficulty level 5/5

Sitting on the edge of places has been a thing for me this last year. Sometimes it may look dangerous but I promise I’m always careful! I hope I don’t die for the gram after writing this… If you ever try this, please: double check and don’t do it for the gram if it’s dangerous, please.


Difficulty level 2/5

I have never been a runner and have always preferred other kind of sports like yoga, which is also really great for Instagram poses though.

However, running away from the camera looks amazing in travel photos!

Friendship goals

Difficulty level 1/5

Is there anything better than friendship? Grab your bestie and celebrate that you’re traveling together!

I’ll make you breakfast

Difficulty level 3/5

Instagram really likes breakfasts: especially those with a heavy dose of fruit, juices, macarons and all types of different food. Oh and floating breakfasts, too.

Make sure to use your cup of coffee or a piece o fruit as a prop!


Difficulty level 4/5

There’s nothing more photogenic than a flowy dress. Make sure to pack some and don’t forget to twirl your way through your trip.

Where’s Wally?

Difficulty level: 1/5

When you’re so tiny in the picture that you don’t need to care: and it still works!

Pro tip: wear bright colors so people can spot you in the pic.

I never thought I would write something like this, but many of you asked me to, so there you go. Next time you don’t know how to pose just remember these little tricks… and don’t forget to enjoy the trip!

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    1. Thank you for your comment, however I think that things like walking, having a breakfast with a view or being far away in a beautiful landscape is quite realistic. What kind of realistic pose did you expect from this post?

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