How to Visit Duomo in Milan

A day in Milan

My trip to Bucharest not only allowed me to get to know the capital of Romania but also made me return to Milan.

This was not my first time in the city nor the first time I visited it taking advantage of a stopover. I had a somewhat bitter memory of my previous visit to the city: my old compact camera fell on the ground ruining all my photographic opportunities.

But that is already part of the past! Looking back I do not seem so bad: remember when I had my DSLR camera stolen a few months back?

How to get from the airport to Milan

The cheapest way to get from Milan airport to the city centre is by using the bus service that connects the airport to the train and bus and city stations.

Price of the shuttle bus service airport – Milan: 5 €/trip; 9 €/round trip.

Estimated Duration: 30 – 40 minutes.

How to get from the central station to the Duomo

If there is a place to visit while in Milan, that’s the Duomo: once you’re there you’ll be amazed with tremendous majesty. Remember it took 6 centuries to finish it!

The airport bus arrives at the central train station which is also marvellous and photo worthy.

We got from Stazione Centrale to Duomo in around 40 minutes by foot. On our way to the Duomo, we stopped in a couple of parks and of course at Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle. For me it was like a trip to the past: walking through the streets of Milan I began to feel again in Italy, a country I have visited a lot.

If you don’t feel like walking or you don’t have enough time, take the tram. Remember to buy your ticket first at any Tobacco shop.

Tips on visiting the Duomo

I hadn’t visited Italy for a long time and that’s why I totally forgot about something pretty obvious: to visit any church/Cathedral/religious building in Italy you have to cover your shoulders! Of course, I was wearing a “revealing” dress. How could I forget something like that?

If you have the same thing happening (or you just want to dress as you want but also want to visit the interior of the cathedral) you can buy a paper kimono for €2: everything’s solved!

If you’re just going to visit the terrace you can do it without having to cover your shoulders.

How to buy Milan Duomo tickets

At the office you’ll find all the types of ticket packs available. You can combine the visit to the cathedral with the terrace: it’s what we did and I highly recommend it. We bought the Duomo Pass B and if you want to do the same, you can do it in advance here.

The entrance ticket to Duomo’s terrace costs €9 if you climb up the stairs and €13 if you go up by lift.

Photo by Andrei

Where to eat next to the Duomo

We discovered the perfect place to eat in Milan, where I return everytime I’m in the city. It’s called Fresco & Cimmino and the menu is perfect: includes pizza or pasta, drinks, coffee and dessert for only €10. If there is a queue, it goes fast enough and it’s worthy.

Extra TIP: Take an ice cream at the airport ice cream shop before leaving Milan – it’s really good and you never know how long it will takes to get back to Italy 😉

Where to stay next to the Duomo

Best place to stay while in Milano has to be TownHouse Duomo, located in a historical building right in front of the cathedral. It’s the most unforgettable experience you can have in the city.

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