Instagram spots in Havana

Havana oh na na… My heart is in Havana, for real.

You know everyone who goes to Havana, comes back – and it’s for a reason.

Cubans are the most welcoming people I’ve ever met. They literally stopped us in the streets just for wishing us a good vacation! Very often they asked us if it was our first time… because they know that once you visit, you need to come back.

Instagram spots in Havana


513 Paseo de Martí 

Habana Street

Calle Habana

La Guarida Restaurant

418 Concordia

Cuarteles Street

Calle Cuarteles

Colorful buildings

563 Paseo de Martí 

Paseo Del Prado

Paseo de Martí

Iberostar Grand Packard

51 Paseo de Martí

Calle O’Reilly

Calle O’Reilly



Castillo de los Tres Reyes del Morro

Calle Cuba

Calle Cuba


Calle Empedrado

Classic cars

Plaza de la Revolución

Hotel Inglaterra

Hotel Inglaterra

Literally anywhere

Anywhere in Havana is picture perfect!

All the locations in the map

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