10 Best Instagram Spots in Ibiza

10 Best Instagram Spots in Ibiza

Without any doubt, Ibiza is my happy place every summer.

And it’s not because of the parties, it’s the atmosphere you can feel everywhere on the island. It’s summer in full swing!

In Ibiza, the beaches are amazing, the sunsets will leave you speechless and still has many other beautiful spots to visit and fall in love – which happen to be picture-perfect, too!

Keep reading to find the most photogenic places in Ibiza!

Dalt Vila

Dalt Vila is a UNESCO site in the upper part of Ibiza Town, is located between the old city walls. Get lost in the maze of cobblestoned and narrow streets and enjoy the views!

Es Vedra

Es Vedra is a magical island. It’s everyone’s favorite, and you will understand why when you visit.

Some people say it’s magnetic, however, there’s no scientific proof of that. Anyways, it’s really worth it to enjoy the views: you’ll get some epic photos from up there!

Cala d’Hort

Es Vedra is also visible from Cala d’Hort! The small wooden jetty at the end of the beach, the rocks and the old houses create endless photo opportunities.

Cala d'hort ibiza

The swing at Cala Xarraca

Apart from some of the clearest waters in Ibiza, Cala Xarraca also features the most instagrammable spot in the whole island: a swing hanging on top of the water! Could it be any more perfect?

Instagram spots Ibiza

Cala Comte

Cala Comte is known as the most beautiful beach in Ibiza, and that’s for a reason!

Here, the water has an intense blue color that you need to witness by yourself – it’s so pretty. Plus, it has one of the most beautiful sunsets in Ibiza, with the sun setting behind the islands on the horizon. It’s really unique and unforgettable.

Staircase at Cala Tarida

Cala Tarida is the biggest beach on the island and one of my favorite spots is the white staircase to Cotton Beach House Club. It’s perfect for sunset, too!

Cala Tarida Ibiza

Time and Space

If there’s an epic place in Ibiza that’s this mysterious art installation.

It’s located near Cala Llentia and they belong to the billionaire Guy Laliberté, who has his mansion right next to this place. However, everyone can visit this space!

Instagram spots Ibiza

Puertas Can Soleil

Not far from the previous spot, these doors are also mysterious and very fun for snapping some pictures!

Instagram spots Ibiza
Instagram spots Ibiza

Ses Salines Natural Park

One of the best things about Ibiza is that despite the parties and luxury, they really respect and protect the green and natural areas. Ses Salines Natural Park is amazing for the sunset!

Ses Salines Ibiza
Ses Salines Ibiza

Cala Benirras

Cala Benirras has the most popular sunset on the island – at least on Sundays!

Every Sunday there’s a drum party in Benirras – it’s loads of fun! However, you can also visit every other day of the week and enjoy the hippie vibes of the island to the sound of the drums.

Best sunsets in Ibiza

All the locations in the map

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  1. Ahht his is sooo pretty! I’ve always known Ibiza as a party place but this really changed my image of it and I want to go now!

  2. Just the blog I needed! I’m going to Ibiza for my next holiday! Can wait to visit those place!! Thanks for it.
    Stay blessed

  3. According to the photos you posted Ibiza is one of my favourites spots now:)) Muchas gracias, l hope l will take some pics this summer

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