15 Best Instagram spots in Marrakech

15 Best Instagram spots in Marrakech

Wondering where are the best places to take pictures in Marrakech? Here you’ll find all the answers.

Discover all the instagrammable spots in Marrakech, including picturesque places, the rooftop bars with the best views, the most photogenic stalls in the souks and the dreamiest hotels. Marrakech has it all!

You will also find extra tips and a map with all the locations at the end of the post. Enjoy Marrakech!

Before your trip

Besides your trip, I’d highly recommend booking the following in advance:

Check the information below before your trip to Morocco:

Tips for taking Instagram photos in Marrakech

In a nutshell:

  • If you’re going to take pictures of someone else, always ask for permission first.
  • Wake up for sunrise to avoid the crowds in the most touristy places
  • If you’re planning to take photos at the shops in the souks, I’d suggest to buy something first and ask for permission after. They will likely accept!

Ben Youssef Madrassa

Ben Youssef Madrassa was the largest Islamic college in Morocco for 5 centuries. Now, it’s one of the most beautiful icons of Andalusian-Arabic architecture. It’s one of the must-visit places in Marrakech.

Tickets cost 50 Moroccan Dirhams – around 5 USD/EUR.

Highly recommend to visit as soon as it opens to avoid the crowds: it opens every day at 9am.

Le Jardin Secret

Le Jardin Secret is a secret oasis in the heart of the Medina, not far from Ben Youssef Madrassa.

Tickets cost 100 Moroccan Dirhams – around 10 USD/EUR.

Highly recommend visiting before it closes to make the most of the sunset light.

Koutoubia Mosque

It’s not possible to visit any mosque in Marrakech, but we won’t complain about the beautiful surroundings.

The Koutubia Mosque is the most important mosque in Marrakech, built almost a thousand years ago.

Make sure to visit this square during sunrise as it gets really crowded during the rest of the day.

Palais El Badii

Nowadays, it’s still possible to visit the ruins of Palais el Badii, which is an amazing experience. Back in the day it used to be an impressive palace with more than 300 rooms.

Tickets cost 70 Moroccan Dirhams – around 7 USD/EUR.

Jardin Majorelle

Jardin Majorelle, owned by Yves Saint Laurent, is one of the most popular sites in Marrakech – and definitely the most crowded!

If you want to visit, you need to book your tickets in advance so you don’t miss your chance!

Make sure to go early in the morning to avoid the crowds.

Le Palmeriae

Le Palmeriae is an area with more than 100,000 palm trees a few minutes away from the Medina.

Highly recommend booking an ATV tour around Le Palmeriae – it’s so much fun! I totally recommend it – much better than riding camels.

The souks: Ceramics shop

The souk is pretty photogenic, especially the colorful shops! One of my favorites is the ceramics shop with colorful plates.

To find this shop: get to Cafe de France in Jemaa el-Fnaa and find the entrance to the souk in front of it. It’s steps away from this entrance.

If you want to take photos here, make sure to buy something first.

The souks: Lamp shop

Another photogenic stalls are the lamp shows. There are many lamp shops along Souk Semmarine, all with different styles. Pay attention as some of them have a sign that says “no photos”.

If you want to take photos here, ask politely and buy something as a thank you – they usually have small trinkets.

The souks: Rug shop

There’s nothing more iconic in Morocco than the famous Moroccan rugs. You will find them covering the walls almost everywhere you go and every one is really photogenic.

One of my favorites, pictured below, can be found at the Spices square, next to Cafe des Epices.

The souks: Spices shop

This is my favorite shop in the souks.

The owners are really nice, and they let you take photos even if you don’t buy anything. However, I’d suggest buying some spices as a thank you for a couple of Moroccan Dirhams.

It’s located in the Spices square. It’s hard to miss!

Rooftop bar: Atay Cafe

I love rooftop hopping in Marrakech and one of my favorites is Atay Cafe. It’s apart from the souks, in a much quieter area and has lovely decor details.

Fun fact: did you know “Atay” means “tea”?

Rooftop bar: Cafe de France

Cafe de France is the oldest rooftop bar in Marrakech and it’s really worth it for the views – and highly photogenic!

You can either have dinner or drinks here. If you only want to stay for drinks, go to the highest level.

If you want to go for sunset, get there at least 2 hours before to secure a table with a view.

Rooftop bar: Le Grand Balcon du Cafe Glacier

One of my favorite rooftops for drinks in Marrakech is Le Grand Balcon du Cafe Glacier. They have one of the best views to Jemaa el-Fnaa and the Koutubia mosque.

Make sure to arrive at least 2 hours before sunset to get a table with a view.

Es Saadi Resort

One of my favorite hotels in Marrakech: it feels like home! Es Saadi is an amazing property with probably the most famous spa pool in Morocco.

Scarabeo Camp – Agafay Desert

In just 30 minutes you can get from Marrakech to Agafay, aka the Rock Desert. It’s perfect for those that don’t have the time to get to the Sahara (it takes 10 hours one way to get there!) but still want to experience what it’s like feeling in the desert.

Scarabeo Camp is perfect for stargazing and enjoying the silence in pure luxury.

All the locations in the map

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