35 Instagram spots in New York

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Instagram spots in New York

If there’s an incredible city in the world that mesmerizes everyone: that’s New York City! It can sound like a lot to explore but I broke it down to different areas to make it easier for you to come back with the nicest memories and awesome instagram content.

Keep reading to know where to find where to take the best photos in New York!

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New York from another level with Flynyon

If there’s an iconic thing to do in New York, that’s an helicopter flight! Take it to the next level with Flynyon: they’re the only company in New York offering doors-off helicopter flights! With them you will be able to photograph NYC from a bird’s point of view: Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Downtown Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.

Tip #1: join their newsletter to access special discounts! You can buy now and schedule later in case you need to change your helicopter flight due to bad weather or any other unforeseen events.

Tip #2: if you have time after your flight, take an uber to Liberty State Park, where you will get insane views of Manhattan!

Chasing rooftops in NYC: The Monterrey at Park

If you’ve been following my stay on instagram, you know I was living in Midtown Manhattan for a couple of months at the beautiful Monterey at Park, what an absolute dream come true!

I really loved my apartment. Location was perfect in Park Avenue in Midtown, just a few blocks away from the Empire State Building and other places of tourist interest such as Grand Central Terminal or the Morgan Library.

Staying in a luxury building like this comes with some perks such as having a 24 hour doorman, a designer lounge with a coffee room and the best accommodation in my gorgeous apartment. What I didn’t know before coming was that the building had such a nice rooftop view!

I went by chance a few days after moving to New York and it became my sunset routine whenever I wasn’t visiting outside. I haven’t seen any better view to the Empire State Building! It really made my days memorable.

Tip #1 when looking for accommodation in Manhattan: make sure it has rooftop views! it’s such a cool way to enjoy the city.

Note: this rooftop is only accesible for tenants. If you’re interested in a fully furnished lease shoot me an email!

Instagram spots in Midtown: Top of the Rock

Let’s be honest: every famous viewpoint in Manhattan says they have the best view in the city – and we all know only one can be the best one!

For me, there’s no doubt: Top of the Rock has the best views in NYC. It’s so iconic!

Tip: get yourself a sightseeing pass to save money when you visit New York!

Instagram spots in Midtown: Empire State Building

Unpopular opinion: another personal favorite for me is the one and only Empire State Building. It can’t get any more iconic!

The exhibits on the floors 2nd and 80th makes the visit an unforgettable learning experience and the views from the 86th and 102th floor are really magical, especially if you visit the Empire State Building at night!

Tip #1: get the sightseeing pass to save money when you visit the Empire State Building!

Instagram spots in Midtown: Times Square

New York… the city that never sleeps!

This quote makes complete sense whenever you step foot in Times Square: there’s always something going on there! Live music, dancers, traffic, people in all types of costumes… it really makes you feel alive!

Tip: go here early in the morning to take photos with no people, but visit it also at night as it’s something really unique!

Instagram spots in Midtown: Manhattanhenge

Twice a year, the setting sun  is aligned with the east–west streets of the main street grid of Manhattan, and it’s so unique!

This are the best locations to photograph the Manhattanhenge:

  • 14th Street
  • 23rd Street
  • 34th Street
  • 42nd Street
  • 57th Street
  • Tudor City Overpass

Instagram spots in Midtown: Park Avenue & E 40 Street

Save this location for a unique photo opportunity: Park Av & E 40 St. The Grand Central Terminal and the Metlife building make such a cool architectural contrast!

Tip: the best way to get a photo like this is early in the morning during the weekend – otherwise there are cars passing by every time! However, that’s an opportunity to take photos with the iconic yellow taxis.

Instagram spots in Midtown: Tudor City Overpass

Welcome to another instagrammable street in New York. Tudor City Overpass is really cool with the Chrysler and the One Vanderbilt buildings in the background. I loved this area so much I see myself moving here!

Instagram spots in Midtown: Radio City Music Hall

Radio City Music Hall, also known as the Showplace of the Nation, is the headquarters of the Rockettes as it’s located at the Rockefeller Center. It’s one of the most iconic buildings in Midtown Manhattan and it looks like a postcard!

Tip: go at night to take photos with the city lights!

Instagram spots in Central Park: bridges and lakes

I have many different favorite places in New York, but there’s one I really loved and where I went whenever I felt lonely or whenever I needed a moment away from noisy Midtown.

A day in Central Park is a day well spent. Relax, reconnect with nature, maybe create your own picnic… and take photos at the same time!

There are a few photo spots in Central Park: every lake, bridge, rock or lane becomes a photo opportunity!

Tip: go to Central Park and enjoy it with no rush – the photo opportunities will appear in front of your eyes!

Instagram spots in Central Park: Bethesda Terrace & Fountain

“Three words, eight letters… say it and I’m yours.”

Do you recognize this quote from the Gossip Girl finale? New York has so so many locations from the movies that really make you dream and this is one of my favorites, right in the middle of Central Park.

Tip: go early in the morning during a weekday. Weekends are really popular for wedding photoshoots and taking a photo here gets really hard really!

Instagram spots in Chinatown: Doyers Street

Welcome to the most colorful street in New York: its name is Doyers Street and it’s located in Chinatown.

This historic street was known in the 1900’s as the “Murder Alley” and “The Bloody Angle” as it was a crime scenario for gangsters!

It recently got a makeover by the artist Dasic Fernandez who painted the street in technicolor right in time for Pride 2021.

Tip: go here early in the morning so you can enjoy this place all for yourself as I did!

Instagram spots in Brooklyn: Brooklyn Bridge

What can I say about Brookyn Bridge that hasn’t been said yet? This majestic bridge connects the areas of Manhattan and Brooklyn over New York’s East River and it’s probably the most famous bridge in the entire world. It’s also incredibly photogenic!

Tip #1: go here in time for sunrise to enjoy this place with no people and the most magical light.

Tip #2: one half of the bridge is for bikes only! Be respectful with locals and avoid invading that space.

Instagram spots in Brooklyn: Dumbo

DUMBO is short for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. This area is famous for its cobblestone streets and converted warehouse buildings and there’s a street in particular that got really instagram famous… you can even see the Empire State Building showing off under the arches of Manhattan Bridge!

If you want to visit this spot, it’s the corner of Washington and Water Street.

Tip: go here during a weekday for sunrise (or around 7 am in the summer) to enjoy this place all for yourself.

Instagram spots in Brooklyn: Pebble Beach

Not far from the previous spots we have the Pebble beach.

Tip: visit during sunset if you want to capture its beauty with a very special light.

Instagram spots in Downtown: Delmonico’s

Delmonico’s is a historic restaurant in Lower Manhattan. It became famous in the 19th century for being one of the first restaurants in America to offer a la carte menu. It’s also the most instagram famous restaurant in New York!

Tip: go here 1 or 2 hours before sunset to enjoy the best light.

Instagram spots in NYC: Street art

New York City also has a great scene for street art!

Kobra murals are especially famous, but if you keep your eyes peeled, you will find so many cool places all over the city!

Instagram spots in Hudson Yards: Little Island

Little island is the newest attraction in New York City. A unique park over the Hudson River with a unique atmosphere and cool views to Midtown Downtown and New Jersey.

Tip: entrance is free from 6am to 12pm. After that, you need to book it in advance on their website at no cost.

Instagram spots in Hudson Yards: The Edge

Edge is the highest outdoor sky deck in Manhattan with 360-degree views you can’t get anywhere else! It’s suspended in mid-air and part of it has a glass floor – not suitable if you’re afraid of heights!

Tip: buy the sightseeing pass to save money on your visit!

Instagram spots in Hudson Yards: The Vessel

The Vessel is the centerpiece of Hudson Yards, an interactive artwork in the form of a spiral staircase to enjoy New York from different angles and perspectives. It’s so much fun!

Tip #1: no solo visitors are allowed, but if you’re a solo traveler you can still visit The Vessel by joining a group on their website.

Tip #2: entrance is free from 10 to 10:59am.

Tip #3: buy the sightseeing pass to save money on your visit!

Instagram spots in Hudson Yards: The High Line

The High Line is an elevated rail line transformed into a public park on Manhattan’s West Side. It starts at the Meatpacking district through Chelsea to Hudson Yards.

As for the photo opportunities, there are a few stops along the way to take pictures of New York from an elevated perspective.

Instagram spots in Coney Island: Luna Park

Luna Park is so much fun and it’s also so cool for photo opportunities! Do not miss the roller coasters Cyclone and  Thunderbolt, enjoy the food and save some time for a walk at the beach too!

Tip: take your photos first and then go enjoy your day full of adrenaline!

Instagrammable stations in NYC: Oculus WTC

Designed by Calatrava, The Oculus is the most expensive train station in the entire world. It costed 4 billion dollars! Let me say it’s such a masterpiece.

Tip: is there any national day while you’re in the city? Then Oculus may be the best photo spot at night! They change the colors of the lights on special occasions such as the Pride, the Memorial Day weekend or the 4th of July.

Instagrammable stations in NYC: Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal is very special spot for me! It was my neighbor in Park Avenue and I used to walk here from my apartment to go anywhere further than a 30 minute walk in Manhattan and it’s where I got my vaccine.

Tip: go here early in the morning to avoid the crowds!

Instagrammable stations in NYC: Penn Station

New York Penn Station is the main intercity railroad station in NYC and one of the busiest in the world… so imagine how hard it can get to take a photo there avoiding the crowds!

This spot is the entrance from the 7th Avenue.

Tip #1: go early and pack a bag of patience to wait for the escalator to be empty!

Tip #2: you can also go at night, it’s pretty cool with the city lights!

Instagrammable stations in NYC: 28th Street Station

The 28th Street station in Lexington Avenue is forever in full bloom! The flower mosaics on the platform feature magnolias, daffodils, camellias… all flowers included in the perennial collection at Madison Square park.

Instagrammable stations in NYC: Fulton Center

The newest station center in Downtown New York features an amazing sculpture that is hard to miss: the Sky Reflector Net.

Instagram spots in NYC: MET (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

The MET is a world of its own and it features many interesting srt pieces such as Pollock’s famous mural and Van Gogh’s self-portrait, and it’s also famous as an iconic location in the TV series Gossip Girl.

Tip: buy the sightseeing pass to save money on your visit!

Instagrammable viewpoints in NYC: Statue of Liberty

Nobody I knew recommended visiting the Statue of Liberty but I’m so happy I decided to go! I went with an open mind and thinking that I was going to enjoy the boat trip more than anything but man I was wrong! I really loved seeing the Statue of Liberty face to face. I had seen it before from other boat trips and even the helicopter but this one was so cool.

Plus, the views to Manhattan from there are worth the trip.

Tip: buy the sightseeing pass to save money on your visit!

Instagrammable viewpoints in NYC: Liberty State island (New Jersey)

Although this spot is not located in New York, it has my favorite view of Manhattan during sunset so I’ve decided to include it on this list.

Tip: do not miss the Empty Sky 9/11 Memorial by the park.


Instagrammable bookstores in NYC: Albertine Books

Welcome to the most instagrammable bookstore in New York: Albertine Books. Located in the French Embassy by Central Park, this bookstore features a hand painted ceiling with stars, constellations and planets, designed after the music room at Villa Stuck in Munich. It’s so beautiful.

Tip: go to the 2nd floor to capture this part of the library.

Instagrammable bookstores in NYC: Morgan Library

I was lucky to live right by the Morgan Library museum & library in Murray Hill.

The library is really gorgeous and such a cool spot for photos.

Tip: the entrance is free on Fridays from 2 to 5pm. Otherwise it’s 25$ per person.

Tip #2: there’s an exhibition with paintings of famous artists such as Picasso, Degas, Matisse… do not miss them!

Instagrammable exhibits in NYC: Color Factory

Are you ready to experience the joy of color?

Color Factory is my favorite interactive exhibit in New York. It offers a highly sensory experience in collaboration with artists in different areas. It really makes you reconnect with your inner child!

Plus, there are surprises and treats along the way and many, many photo opportunities – even if you don’t have a partner they have a system that allows you to take photos of yourself at every spot! My favorite though is the blue ball pit!

Instagrammable exhibits in NYC: Museum of Ice cream

Another cool exhibit in Soho is the Museum of Ice cream. I didn’t know what to expect from this visit and I ended up high in sugar and fun memories while actually learning about the ice creams!

Tip: do not eat much before going… you will get treated with tons – and I mean tons of ice cream through the visit!

Tip #2: are you planning to visit Color Factory and the Museum of Ice Cream? They’re just 10 minutes away from each other! Plan your visit accordingly (every place takes you around 2 hours of fun!).

Instagrammable exhibits in NYC: Happy Go Lucky Exhibit

The newest exhibit in SoHo is called Happy-Go-Lucky. A series of instagrammable spots, all within the same location!

Instagram spots in NYC: map with locations

Click on the star in the map below to save this map in your device!

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