Instagram calendar: Where to Travel in 2020

Where to travel for instagram photos

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Welcome to the ultimate Instagram calendar!

Here you will find where to travel, month by month, according to instagram: do not miss any photogenic event or festival anymore!

There’s no doubt: Instagram has changed the way we travel. The images on this social network inspire and influence our travel plans and the destinations we want to visit. So if you want to plan your next vacation before you see it on instagram, I’ve got you covered.

Ready to take your instagram to another level? Below you’ll find all the destinations you need to visit for the best photo opportunities, month by month.

Instagram calendar: Where to Travel in 2020

Travel trends in 2020

Before we start, let’s summarize the best travel trends for 2020.

Slow and sustainable travel

These are some ideas you can do for a more sustainable way of traveling:

  • Carbon offsetting: calculate your carbon footprint and donate here!
  • Carry your own hydro flask: this type of reusable bottle of water is perfect to travel with and drink tap water wherever is possible.
  • Avoid over tourism: this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit certain destinations, but make sure to visit them off-season.
  • Stay in more sustainable hotels: hotels that care about environment, the local people and the local culture. They should respect the natural surroundings, promote the local food, use renewable energy, organic materials and much more.

Where to travel in 2020

If you want to be ahead of the game, add the following destinations to your list:


January is the best month to travel to European touristy cities like Paris, Barcelona, Porto or anywhere in Italy.

Wait, why?

Of course, it will be colder in January than any other time of the year and there will be less hours of day light, but still, it’s the best moment to travel anywhere touristy to avoid hordes of tourists and getting to know better the real vibe of the city and also, you’ll get the best pictures without the crowds!

Save the date:

  • January 1st: New Year’s Day
  • January 25th: Chinese New Year


February is the month of love! At least, it’s when St. Valentine’s Day is celebrated and of course Galentine’s Day, too!

My advice? Get yourself to Paris or London and visit their pretty cafes and pink decorations!

Other amazing option is visiting Venice for the Carnival. It’s the most special moment to visit.

It’s also Fashion Week month! Starting in NY and followed by London, Milan and Paris. Get your street style ready if you’re planning to visit these cities during this time of the year!

Save the date:

  • February 6-13th: NY Fashion Week
  • February 8th: Taiwan Lantern Festival
  • February 8-25th: Carnival of Venice
  • February 13th: Galentine’s Day
  • February 14th: St. Valentine’s Day
  • February 14-18th: London Fashion Week
  • February 18-24th: Milan Fashion Week
  • February 21st-29th: Rio Carnival
  • February 24 – March 4th: Paris Fashion Week


March is the best moment to visit my favorite city in India: Jaipur. And for many reasons! It’s the perfect time of the year because of the weather, but also because at the beginning of the month they celebrate the festival of colors: Holi festival, and it happens that Jaipur is one of the best places in India to celebrate this festivity!

Disclosure: if you’re traveling as a solo female traveler, be especially cautious and read about this topic first. The best thing may be attending the festival just for the first few hours of daylight and if possible with someone else.

Meanwhile, at the end of March, magic happens in Paris and Japan. There is no better moment to visit these places. Cherry blossom is known in Japan as hanami and it’s the most beautiful moment to go.

Save the date:

  • March 8th: International Women’s Day
  • March 9th: Holi Festival
  • March 17th: St. Patrick’s Day
  • March 20th: 1st day of spring


April is the month for music and style lovers: it’s time for Coachella! The coolest kids gather in front of its famous ferris wheel wearing the craziest outfits for instagram photos. There’s no doubt it has to be fun! The line-up is always fantastic.

It’s also a good time to visit Keukenhof and Lisse in Holland to enjoy the tulips and daffodils in bloom and again, Paris! Spring has sprung and flowers are blossoming everywhere.

Save the date:

  • April 1st: April’s Fools Day
  • April 12-13th: Coachella Weekend 1
  • April 19-20th: Coachella Weekend 2
  • April 21st: Earth Day
  • April 23rd: St. Jordi (celebrated in Barcelona and Catalonia)


Flowers blossoming are reason enough to visit certain places. It happens with several locations highlighted in this blog post!

The beginning of May (also in late April) is the best moment to visit Amsterdam and Lisse. The tulip fields are popping in colors and the pictures you can get there are just amazing!


Europe in June is lovely. Even if it’s not summer yet, it feels like it in most of the Mediterranean! Booking hotels and flights is much cheaper and you get to avoid the crowds – meaning best photo opportunities!

June is perfect to travel to Ibiza, Santorini and Mykonos. Just do it!

Save the date:

  • June 21st: Summer Solstice
  • June 24th: St John’s Party (celebrated all over Spain)
  • June 24-28th: Glastonbury Festival


As soon as summer starts you need to get somewhere else in Europe: la Provence in France!

Valensole and Aix-en-Provence have the most beautiful landscapes with the lavender fields. They cut the lavender at the beginning of July so the best moment to go is right between the end of June and beginning of July. Do not miss this place this year!

Save the date:

  • July 4th: Independence Day (celebrated in USA)
  • July 14th: Bastille Day (celebrated in France and its territories)


It’s time for another festival, the most surreal and crazy one: Burning Man! If you thought that outfits were crazy in Coachella, you won’t believe your eyes in Burning Man. It’s a real photo paradise, but don’t forget to join the madness!!


It’s oficially Fashion Week month! If you plan to travel to NY, London, Milan or Paris during this time of the year you’ll discover a different vibe.

It’s also a great moment to visit Ibiza especially if you’re into partying, as most of the clubs celebrate huge closing parties that usually are the best of the season. Plus, it’s not as crowded and the beaches and the weather are still lovely.

Save the date:

  • September 11-16th: NY Fashion Week
  • September 18th-22nd: London Fashion Week
  • September 22nd-28th: Milan Fashion Week
  • September 19th – October 4th: Octoberfest
  • September 28th – October 6th: Paris Fashion Week


If you’re not ready to say goodbye to summer, October weather is perfect to hop on a flight to Marrakech, after a long summer and right before the cold Moroccan winter.

Save the date:

  • October 6th: Instagram 10th Anniversary
  • October 31st: Halloween

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November is the perfect month to visit Mexico! Dia de Muertos is celebrated almost everywhere in the country, being the best places Oaxaca, Mexico DF, Pátzcuaro and Michoacán.

Plus, the most instagrammable event happens in Thailand in November, to celebrate the end of the monsoon season. The lantern festival in Chiang Mai, known as Loy Katrong or Yi Peng, is such a beautiful celebration with thousands of floating lanterns in the sky, made of personal wishes.

Save the date:

  • November 2nd: Day of the Dead / Día de Muertos
  • November 28th: Thanksgiving Day


And before you realize: it’s Christmas time again!

The best places to go to celebrate the holidays are Alsace with its gingerbread-like houses, Moscow lighten up with the Christmas lights, and Paris, London and NY for the Christmas decorations (and shopping spirit!)

Where are you planning to spend your holidays this year?

Save the date:

  • December 14th: Total Solar Eclipse
  • December 22nd: Winter Solstice
  • December 24th: Christmas Eve
  • December 25th: Christmas Day
  • December 31st: New Year’s Eve

Have you ever add a place to your bucket list according to instagram? Let me know!

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