30 Photos To Inspire You To Visit Katavi National Park

30 Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit Katavi, Tanzania

Lions on the trees, hidden hippos under the mud, Pumba crossing the pathway and baby lions being the cutest thing ever. Just a regular day in Katavi National Park, Tanzania.

Here’s a collection of my favorite photos from our safari trip to Katavi, a remote area in Tanzania where we spent 3 awesome days with Bespoke Getaway.

If you’ve ever dreamt about going on a safari, I’m sure you won’t get disappointed if you go decide to visit Katavi National Park.

Katavi Safari Travel Tips

Book well in advance

Katavi is a very remote location where it’s possible to enjoy wildlife with very few other visitors. During our visit, there was a maximum of 2 or 3 jeeps in the same site (including ours), meaning more photo opportunities, no rush and more importantly, minimizing the possible stress for the animals.

This exclusivity is due to several reasons. Katavi is not easy to reach: you have to take a charter flight and land on a dirty airstrip. Besides, Katavi has only 3 lodges and 1 campsite available for its visitors. Far from being a downside, this is something that makes the trip more unique, special and for sure, exclusive.

Make sure you book it well in advance as otherwise, you can miss it!

When to go

The best moment to visit Katavi is from June to September. Keep in mind that unlike other parks in Tanzania, you won’t get to see the migration here, nor the rhino if you’re looking to tick off the Big 5 from your list!


If you love to press that shutter button, you’d love the experience of photographing a safari. Make sure to have a good zoom lens and enjoy the view!

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What animals to expect from Katavi National Park










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