Kerala, human by nature

Let me ask you a question: why do you travel?

Some travel looking for rich cultures, others seek unique flavors while others pursue stunning nature or amazing architectural sights.

Personally, I travel to feel inspired. And that’s why I loved Kerala so much: it inspired me in so many ways, but mostly through its kind people and wonderful nature.

There’s something about this land that I find magnetic. That’s why I traveled to Kerala in two different occasions and would do it again in a blink!

Kerala, human by nature

Located in the south west coast of India, Kerala is blessed with backwaters, stunning beaches, and endless tea plantations. Kerala literally means “the land of the coconut trees” and is also known as “God’s own country”, and there’s no doubt why it’s called like that after paying a visit.

The first thing that grabs your attention in Kerala is its exuberant nature. There are hundreds of coconut trees almost everywhere you look!

However, all the best experiences we’ve got to have there were linked with the amazing humans we’ve met on the way.

The keralites

What makes Kerala unique is, hands down, its people.

A few things you should know about the keralites:

  • Kerala has the highest literacy rate in India (more than 93%)
  • There’s an interesting mix of religions: Hindus, Muslims and Christians.
  • Keralites are proud of their culture and that’s why they preserve traditional dances and traditions.
  • They live their everyday lives in such epic surroundings

And I must say, keralites are really friendly! One of my best travel memories in Kerala was when I traveled alone by train. I was sitting with some other passengers, sharing coffee and snacks and having a chat with them for hours. One of them would only speak Malayalam so another passenger would translate so we could understand each other.

I’ve visited Kerala in two different occasions because I made lifelong friendships during my first visit. I can’t wait to come back!

The Kerala backwaters

Allepey backwaters are also known as the “Venice of the East” and it was the only thing I knew about Kerala before traveling there.

The experience of sailing the backwaters on a traditional houseboat was without any doubts one of the highlights of the trip.

Yet again, the keralites were the one that made this a memorable experience.

I remember vividly many scenes from this trip. The kids going to school on a boat, a group of guys having a swim and saying hi, and an epic sunset.

The tea plantations in Munnar

Once in Kerala, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found myself in the tea plantations in Munnar: the view is endless and so beautiful!

Yet again, we’ve got to find some locals living their ordinary lives surrounded by such epic nature: from household activities in the village to a mass celebration at the top of a hill.

Kerala Markets

In every town we visited, we were always welcomed with a kind smile.

One thing I loved was getting lost in the markets. We would always start chatting with the vendors at their colorful stalls.

I can only imagine how the lives of these people are influenced by the beauty of this land. They live surrounded by vast tea plantations, with a never-ending sight of rows of coconut trees and living an ordinary life in a extraordinary surrounding.

Have a look to their newest video campaign to get a glimpse about what Kerala looks like.

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