LA with Revolve

LA with Revolve

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Hey guys!

If you’ve been following me on instagram you know it’s been 2 hectic months! I moved to NYC, traveled to LA and Vegas after my trip around Mexico. And I have to say… I loved LA so much! The vibes are just my thing.

I had always dreamt about going to LA and Coachella with Revolve but you know, 2020 and 2021 were not the right years to do it! At least I could visit Los Angeles and I’m really lookin forward to 2022 for the comeback and make my dream come true and be part of the Revolve festival.

During this trip I wore Revolve all the time! I love the light white dresses I wore during my days chillin’ in Venice beach and by the Santa Monica pier… I also had to go to the famous Pink wall, Malibu and the Hollywood sign!

I’ve linked the dresses for you guys:

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  1. Huda Sultan
    23 September, 2021 / 11:36 am

    Hi Diana, I’m planning to visit LA in November 2022 is it still appropriate to wear light dresses or it will be colder, and what you suggest to pack for this trip. Regards, Huda

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