Mobile Lightroom Presets: Soft Tones

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This pack includes:

  • S1 – Silky
  • S2 – Light
  • S3 – Delicate
  • S4 – Airy
  • S5 – Sakura
  • S6 – Magical
  • S7 – Sunny
  • S8 – Daydreaming
  • S9 – Feminine
  • S10 – Memories

This collection of presets will help you editing your photos in soft tones, with a dreamy vibe.

The filters included in this package work on your phone and they will beautifully edit your photos to make them look even better with these preset.

This pack includes 10 filters that work great with all types of photos, but they’re extra magical when used in sunrise and sunset photos.

Please remember that Lightroom presets will look different on every image. Consider the lighting, colors, subjects, and settings of the preset cover image when deciding which image to apply the preset to. You will likely need to make some adjustments in exposure or temperature after the preset is applied to achieve your desired effect.

Tip: shoot in RAW and a little underexposed so it’s easier to edit them, maintaining all the details.

Also, it is a one time purchase, no subscription needed. You buy them once and have unlimited access.

Due to the digital nature of this product, we are unable to issue refunds!

Check here the Lightroom Presets FAQ’s.

How to install the presets.

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6 reviews for Mobile Lightroom Presets: Soft Tones

  1. Naba

    Love the presets

  2. Ruben

    I love them!

  3. ruben valle maco

    I love your presets!

  4. Chloe

    They make such a big difference on my photos. Thank you Diana!

  5. Leslie B.

    Love them! Using the presets for all of my vacation pictures ❤️

  6. Tina Mansour

    Love the presets

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