Sweet Desserts in NYC you need to try

Manhattan is known for its bustling food scene and is home to some of the most delicious and indulgent desserts in the world.

From classic New York-style cheesecake to innovative ice cream flavors and everything in between, Manhattan has something to satisfy every sweet tooth.

Keep reading to find out the best places to satisfy your cravings for sweets in Manhattan!

Cronuts at Dominique Ansel Bakery

Located in: SoHo

Cronuts were originally created in New York City in 2013 by Dominique Ansel. They’re something between a croissant and a donut, and are made by frying laminated croissant dough and then coating it in sugar.

Back in the day, the cronut became really popular, with tons of people lining up outside Dominique Ansel’s bakery every morning. Nowadays the lines aren’t that long, but they’re still an iconic NYC treat.

If you want to try the cronut, keep in mind there’s a limit of 2 per person and they’re available in only one flavor each month.

Cookies at Levain Bakery

Located in: Upper West Side

Levain Bakery is known for its delicious cookies. The bakery was founded in 1995 by two friends, Pam Weekes and Connie McDonald, who wanted to create the ultimate chocolate chip cookie.

The cookies at Levain Bakery are made with high-quality ingredients, including artisanal flour, Guittard chocolate, and pure vanilla extract. They’re also known for their large size, with each cookie weighing around six ounces.

In addition to their famous chocolate chip walnut cookie, Levain Bakery also offers other cookie flavors such as oatmeal raisin, dark chocolate peanut butter chip, and double chocolate chip.

Banana pudding at Magnolia Bakery

Located in: several locations in Manhattan

Magnolia Bakery became especially famous after appearing in Sex and the city. They sell cupcakes and other baked goods, but their signature dessert is the banana pudding.

The banana pudding is made with vanilla and fresh bananas, topped with whipped cream.

Japanese Ice cream at Taiyaki NYC

Location: Chinatown / Little Italy

Welcome to the most adorable fish-shaped ice cream cones!

Taiyaki NYC creates the authentic Japanese ice creams, with the tail filled with red beans or custard.

Krispy Kreme

Located in: Times Square

Personally, there’s no visit to NYC I don’t visit Krispy Kreme’s flagship store in NYC.

This is the only store selling one of the most instagrammable doughnuts ever created, “The Big Apple Doughnut” created in the shape of a red apple.

Besides, they create themed glazed doughnuts varying with the seasons, with colorful designs for special events such as Halloween or Christmas.

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