How to spend a weekend in Cap de Formentor

How to spend a weekend in Cap de Formentor, Mallorca

After a few visits to Ibiza I’ve finally visited its neighbor island Mallorca, and I made it in the best way possible: staying at Formentor, a Royal Hideaway Hotel. A historic hotel where the jet-set used to gather back in the day.

The first thing that grabbed my attention on my way to Formentor, a Royal Hideaway Hotel from Mallorca airport is the windy road and the scenic views. Cap de Formentor is a natural park located in the northern tip of the island, where the Tramuntana mountain rage ends. There’s only one hotel in the area, blessed with stunning views that will leave you speechless. It’s one of the most beautiful places in Mallorca.

Formentor, a Royal Hideaway Hotel used to be the place to be for those seeking both luxury and privacy, and there’s no doubt why Grace Kelly and Winston Churchill decided to stay here back in the day. Now, they give their names to the most special suites at the hotel and you can still see their photos hanging in the walls of the hotel along with other personalities that visited the hotel too such as Audrey Hepburn, the Dalai Lama, Mario Vargas Llosa, and Charles Chaplin.

This is a different side of Mallorca and it has nothing to do with the party area or the crowded beaches. There’s a very elegant and relaxed vibe around this hotel, it’s beautiful and not busy at all.

But a relaxing vacation doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, we joined a few activities and I fully enjoyed my time around the hotel.

These are the best things you can do in Formentor:

Best things to do at Cap de Formentor

Pool & Beach time

As mentioned above, one of the best things about Formentor, a Royal Hideaway Hotel is its unique location in Cap de Formentor.

One of the best things to do is just sunbathing, swimming or snorkeling on the beach or if you prefer extra privacy – as there are no private beaches in Spain – go have a refreshing dip in the hotel’s pool.

Boat tour around Formentor bay

One of the best things one can do at Formentor, A Royal Hideaway Hotel is a boat tour around the bay. That’s what Grace Kelly used to do every day when staying at this hotel for her honeymoon in 1956. The paparazzi would wait for the newlyweds every day on the same jetty we used to go on our boat.

To make your boat trip even more special, you can add a wine or olive oil tasting experience. That’s exactly what we did!

Hike the surrounding areas

The surrounding area of the hotel is perfect for those who want to go hiking or even canyoning! Formentor lighthouse is the most popular hiking spot but instead, we decided to go to Cala Murta.

The hike was very easy and we met so many lovely donkeys on our way to this amazing cove, where we stopped for a dip and to taste the traditional sobrasada from Mallorca: delicious, although not suitable for vegans.

Taste Mediterranean gastronomy

Formentor, A Royal Hideaway Hotel is a very good place to enjoy the Mediterranean gastronomy.

We had the chance to enjoy all our meals at the hotel restaurants during our weekend.

These are the restaurants at Formentor, a Royal Hideaway Hotel:

  • La Veranda
  • Platja Mar
  • El Colomer
  • El Pi
  • L’Espigó
  • Piano Bar l’illa

My favorite was hands down the paella by the beach. Other things you should try when visiting:

  • Tumbet
  • Coca de trampó
  • Sobrasada
  • Pa amb oli
  • Ensaimada

Massage time

Is it a relaxed vacation complete without the chance of getting a massage? I don’t think so.

I got an amazing massage with a view to the gardens on my last day so I was 100% ready to hop on my next trip to Barcelona.

Watch more sunsets

What a better way to end a day than with a glorious sunset?

The sunset views from Formentor, A Royal Hideaway Hotel were amazing, with the sun setting behind the mountains. I loved the view from the pool and also from the location you can see in the photos below. It’s the area they use to celebrate weddings at the hotel. And oh, what a magical place for a wedding.

Where to stay

As mentioned above, Formentor, A Royal Hideaway Hotel was the place where we were staying during our weekend in Cap de Formentor to celebrate its 90th anniversary. It’s the only hotel in the area as it’s located in a now protected natural park.

I was staying in a lovely room with classy decor and amazing views of the pool and the bay. If you’re looking for extra privacy you can also rent a private villa at the property.

I can totally recommend this hotel for those seeking a relaxing vacation, privacy and a heavy dose of nature.

Would you like to spend a weekend at Formentor, A Royal Hideaway Hotel?

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