Things to Do in Foz do Douro, Porto

Welcome to Porto’s most exclusive neighborhood. Foz do Douro is located where river Douro meets the sea, where you will find the beaches and the upper class.

Foz is just a 15-minute drive from Ribeira, Porto’s central area, and can easily be reached just following the Douro River. You can also arrive by bus or even by foot – in that case it will take you around an hour.

Things to Do in Foz do Douro, Porto

Visit the Lighthouses

The most visited attraction in Foz do Douro is the jetty where the lighthouses are located. This area is cordoned but the people still visit the lighthouses at their own risk. It’s an amazing place to feel the power of nature.

The names of the lighthouses are: Faro de San Miguel o Anjo, Faro de Felgueiras and Faro da Barra do Douro.

Discover Castelo da Foz and Forte Sao Baptista da Foz

On the other side of the road you will find O Forte Sao Baptista da Foz, also known as Castelo da Foz. This place is currently being used for seminars and courses. For us tourists, is a wonderful place to enjoy the sunset.


Visit Castelo do Queijo

Another Foz de Douro’s highlights is  Castelo do Queijo, a small castle with the shape of a cheese. From here you can get one of the best views to Matosinhos beach.

Restaurants in Foz do Douro

Portugal is a dream when it comes to food, and Foz de Douro has some of the best restaurants in Porto.

  • Praia da Luz: this restaurant facing the sea is also a great pick for sundowner cocktails.
  • Pedro Lemos: a Michelin star awarded restaurant
  • Cafeína: the most exclusive restaurant in the city.

Where to stay in Foz do Douro

I’ve stayed at Flattered apartments, with an incredible view to the Atlantic Ocean and located just steps away from the lighthouses and Castelo da Foz. Totally recommendable for its beautiful design, unbeatable location and great stuff!

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