Best things to do in French Guiana: 9 unforgettable travel experiences

Best things to do in French Guiana: 9 unforgettable travel experiences

Have you ever thought about visiting the French Guiana?

This country is out of the touristy’s radar and that’s the reason why it is an exciting destination to visit. During our week there we didn’t find many tourists but the experience was really cool and 100% recommendable.

Keep reading to find out the best things to do in French Guiana!

Fly over the Amazon forest on ULM

Flying over the Amazon forest on the ULM piloted by Marc in the Mana region was a dream.

The experience flying on ULM was one of the most memorable experiences we had in French Guiana. The landscape from up there is totally insane!

We enjoyed the Amazon forest in between the river and the coast, and we could also spot some wild animals from the air.

If you’re interested in booking this experience, you can visit the official website to know more.

Stay in a carbet in the Amazon forest

My most memorable stay in French Guiana was in a carbet at Wapa Lodge in Korou.

A carbet is a traditional kind of wooden house in French Guiana’s Amazon rainforest.

To get to Wapa Lodge we sailed on a traditional pirogue for around 20 minutes. There is no electricity nor internet connection in this little paradise in the heart of the Amazon forest. It’s the place to disconnect.

What to do around Wapa lodge? Think of morning meditation, a walk in the Amazon forest and an unforgettable sunset on a pirogue.

Sail on a traditional pirogue

Have you ever been to French Guiana if you haven’t sailed on a pirogue? I don’t think so!

I’ve lost count of how many boat trips we had during our trip: Korou, Sinnamary, Salvation islands, Saint Laurent de Maroni… we even put feet in Surinam!

You can imagine how happy I was as sailing is hands down one of my favorite activities. Do yourself a favor and enjoy a boat ride during your trip to French Guiana!

Do not miss any sunset

Did I mention already how gorgeous where the sunsets in French Guiana?

Island hopping

Yes, you can do island hopping in French Guiana too!

Iles de la Salut are the perfect place to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. Beware of the monkeys!

Visit the local markets

If you’re visiting French Guiana you can get a bit closer to its culture by visiting the Central Market in the country’s capital city.

Inside the market and the surrounding streets can be found a great variety of tropical fruits and punch as well as souvenirs.

Spot the ibis birds

Even if you’re not into birds – I’m not either, to be completely honest! – going on a pirogue on the river Sinnamary to spot the ibis birds is an amazing experience.

You will get to spot these wonderful birds but you’ll also get to enjoy a petit ponche on board and if you’re lucky, you’ll get the chance to witness a gorgeous sunset. There, we had the most epic sunset in French Guiana.

Enjoy the petit punch

French Guiana has its own version of the traditional French apéro, their excuse to get together friends, food and drinks before dinner.

This drink is made with rum, lime and cane syrup. Salut!

Indulge yourself into a culinary paradise

As a French territory, you can expect really good food during your stay in French Guiana.

The best restaurant in Cayenne – and probably the best in the country –  is Paris Cayenne.

Besides, it has a wonderful staff and excellent decor.

Where to find it: 59 Rue Lallouette, Cayenne. 

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