25 Cool Things to do in Havana

Discover Havana on a classic car

Another must-do in Havana is enjoying a city tour in a classic car.

Old classic cars reconverted into taxis are known as almendrones and they’re from the 30’s-50’s. You will spot many Cadillacs, Chevrolets, Pontiacs including, of course, convertible cars!

One great spot to find plenty of them is by the Capitolio.

Visit the Capitolio

During our days in Havana, we visited The Capitolio for sunrise a couple of days – it was really cool to see how the daily routine starts in the most central location in the city.

Make sure to make friends with the local puppies, they will follow your steps in Havana if you let them!

La Guarida

If you want to taste the local cuisine in Havana, you need to go to a paladar. Paladar is a type of restaurant run by self-employers, often from the same family.

The most famous paladar in Havana is La Guarida, located in Havana Centro. Make sure to book your lunch or dinner in advance as it’s quite small and popular after being featured in the movie Fresa y Chocolate.

Not only the food is delicious, the staircase is a photographer’s dream!

Paseo del Prado

Paseo del Prado is a large avenue that separates Old Havana from Havana Centro.

It’s a must-visit when in Havana, being a lovely boulevard with a lively atmosphere.

Gran Teatro de La Habana

Gran Teatro de La Habana has been recently renovated and it’s one of the symbols of Havana.


Havana’s cathedral is located in Calle Empedrado and it’s one of the best places to visit in Old Havana.

Parque Central

Are you ready for a non-wifi experience? That’s what you’ll get in Havana, and as scary as it may sound, it was quite easy to adjust to the non-data situation.

This doesn’t mean you will be 100% disconnected from the internet. You can buy data cards and connect to the internet at the parks – being Parque Central the most convenient if you’re visiting the surrounding areas of the Capitolio.

Daiquiri in Floridita

Floridita is another must-visit during any trip to Havana.

Floridita was Hemingways’ favorite bar back in the day and they proudly have a sign with the author’s quote “My mojito in the Bodeguita and my daiquiri in the Floridita”.

Hotel Ambos Mundos

Following Hemingway’s steps, you will get to Hotel Ambos Mundos, where the writer always chose to stay during his multiple visits before settling in Havana.

Visit Malecón

Malecón is popular among locals and tourists, and it’s bustling with people during the weekends.

You cannot miss it!

Dance at Bodeguita del Medio

If you plan to follow Hemingway’s steps, then you need to have a mojito in the Bodeguita del Medio!

Even if you’re not planning to drink, you need to pass by and check the atmosphere: there’s always live music, people dancing inside and outside in the street and lots of signatures in the surrounding walls of previous visitors that loved this place.

Go on a bicitaxi 

Bicitaxi (bikecab) is one of the most common means of transportation in Havana.

Make sure to use it at least once. The best thing about using this type of transportation is the chance of having a chat with the driver and get to known a bit of the Cuban’s daily life.

Visit Castillo del Morro for epic views

Castillo del Morro (Morro Castle) is the fortress in the bay of Havana.

The view from Iberostar Grand Packard

We were staying at Iberostar Grand Packard, the newest 5* hotel in Havana.

Located in Paseo del Prado, this hotel is an absolute dream. It’s just stepping away from all the hotspots like the Malecón, Old Havana and Havana Centro.

I really loved the views of the Malecón, Castillo del Morro and Paseo del Prado from the swimming pool on the 6th floor – it was the perfect way to end our days in Havana.

One mojito a day

While in Cuba it’s almost compulsory to try the traditional mojito – unless you don’t drink alcohol, of course!

This sweet cocktail is perfect for Cuba summery weather: the combination of sugar, citrus, mint, and rum is so refreshing!

One of my favorite spots for a mojito with a view is the rooftop at Iberostar Parque Central, another great option if you want to stay in a central location in Havana.

Visit Plaza de la Revolución

Plaza de la Revolución had a notable role throughout Havana’s history.

This square is massive and it features a number of government buildings, the statue in memory of Jose Martí and the facades with the faces of Che Guevara and Camilo Cienfuegos.

Plaza Vieja

Plaza Vieja (Old Square) has been recently renovated and it’s the perfect place to have lunch in a restaurant terrace and admire the views.

Plaza de Armas

Plaza de Armas is Havana’s oldest square and another must-visit in Old Havana.

Learn more about the city’s history

Founded 500 years ago, Havana has a fascinating history that includes colonization, political changes, corruption and the figures of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. Learn from the locals’ point of view.

Travel back in time in Tropicana

During our trip, we also experienced the traditional cabaret show in Tropicana.

Despite being a very, very touristy experience, it takes place in a lush garden – which is a really nice setting for a traditional dinner! The show is a bit outdated, but that’s part of the charm they’re trying to achieve.

I guess you need to experience it by yourself!

Go on a coco taxi

Guess what? In Havana, they have their own alternative to the tuk-tuks and they’re called coco-taxi.

With the shape of a coconut and a yellow design somewhat reminiscent of NYC cabs.

Viñales day tour

Viñales is just 2 hours away from Havana and it feels completely different.

Book a day trip there if you’re looking for natural scenery, wildlife, and impressive limestone cliffs! It’s also the best place to visit tobacco plantations.

Visit Playa del Este

Because, are you really visiting Cuba if you don’t go to the beach?

Playa del Este is the nearest beach to Havana and it’s easily accessible on a day tour.

Discover Havana at night

In case you were wondering… Havana is really safe!

We arrived in Havana late at night but we didn’t want to wait until the next morning to explore the city. We asked our driver from the airport if it was safe to visit at night and he said it was the safest time of the day – do you know why? Because there are no cars!

There are no crime rate stats available to support this belief, but from our experience – and always use common sense, there’s no reason to avoid visiting the city at night.

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  1. I’ve never really had a desire to see Cuba, but reading through your post has completely changed that for me. Great job! It seems like there is much more to do than I had previously though.

  2. It’s cooler that what I am expecting. Whoo! Thanks for all of the photos and writings, and of course, the smiles!

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