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Ohh, Morocco. I’ve been dreaming about you for so long.

It’s been a while since my first trip to Morocco. I remember it was my very first stamp on my first passport, but it was just a short visit in Tangier and I wanted to come back ever since.

I could finally make it this year visiting Marrakech and Agafay desert. Now I feel I need another dose: I’m already preparing another trip for 2019!

Morocco has plenty to offer… it’s huge, varied and exotic.

If you’re planning to visit Morocco too, here you have everything you need to know to plan your trip to Morocco.

Morocco Travel Tips


You don’t need a visa if you’re coming from the European Union or USA. The only thing you need is to fill a form at arrival and departure.

When flying from Morocco, make sure to be at least 2 hours in advanced at the airport. Also, you need to print your boarding pass and stop at the check in counter to get it stamped before passport control.

Travel insurance

Traveling is exactly like real life. You never know when you’re going to get sick or being involved in an accident or getting robbed.

The insurance price is minimal compared to the advantages you will get if you need it, so I’d recommend it 100%. I always book it with Mondo, so I can get the best offer with a self customized insurance.

You can book it with a 5% discount here. 

Vacccinations and hygiene

There’s no compulsory vaccination required to travel to Morocco and there’s minimal risk.

When eating out, avoid ice cubes or food stalls if they’re not looking clean enough.


What to pack for Morocco

Finding alcohol for sale in Morocco is not easy. The best you can do is buying some alcohol at the duty free shops at the airport.

Regarding outfits, Morocco is an Arabic country but they’re very open to tourism. Personally, I felt comfortable wearing midi and maxi dresses and showing my shoulders. However, you can get cat calling on the streets, especially if you travel alone. Just ignore them and don’t let them make you feel scared.

If you visit Morocco in winter, pack your coat! Temperatures plummet dramatically compared to the rest of the year.



Many airlines fly to and from Morocco, including low cost.

If you’re planning to travel around the country, then consider to fly to an airport and fly out from a different one (for example arriving to Marrakech and flying out from Fes or Rabat).

Compare the best flight deals with Skyscanner.


Morocco has hotels for every type of traveler: from resorts that look like palaces to glamping sites in the desert, charming riads and of course, budget alternatives.

One of my most memorable stays ever has been in Marrakech, during my days in Es Saadi Marrakech Resort – Palace, a beautiful resort with an incredible decor, art exhibitions, gardens, swimming pools, spas… That marble pool is already an icon in Marrakech and the whole experience is highly recommendable. It’s like staying at a palace.

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Most of hotels and restaurants offer a great connection to internet, so don’t bother if you’re on a  vacation and don’t need it 100% of your time.

If you can live with wifi only, download the app to have offline access to maps with GPS. That way you will never get lost, even inside the souks.

If you cannot live without internet, you can buy a SIM in Marruecos.

Best SIM card in Morocco

Maroc Telecom is the best phone company in Morocco. I bought a SIM card during my first day in the country and I had connectivity even in the desert (there it was -of course, much slower).

Where to buy a SIM card in Morocco?

You can buy your SIM card at your arrival at the airport.

In Marrakech, you’ll find several shops selling them at rue Bani Marine, close to Jema el Fna square. They can help you activating the SIM card in your phone.


I paid 60 dirhams for a SIM card with phone calls, SMS y 3GB. Every additional GB costed 10 more dirhams, but I didn’t need to add more as I had access to wifi quite often.


The official currency in Morocco is the dirham, however they accept euros at some places.


  • Use the app Xe Currency to know how much you are paying.
  • There are ATM’s available at certain hotels and central locations in the cities. ATM’s will charge you a commission that you can avoid if you use Revolut, a card that you can manage on your phone that comes very handy when traveling.
  • At the souks, always bargain. You should pay around 60% from the first offer, so good luck and enjoy it!

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