I really love traveling and after because of that, I try to plan my trips easily and avoiding headaches.

After a few years traveling I have a few secrets for an effortless travel planning! From travel inspiration to bookings, here are a few resources that will help you plan your next trip too.

In this article you will find the websites, apps and discounts I use for traveling.

Travel Insurance

First things first: health should be our number 1 priority, right? We often take it for granted but without health, we wouldn’t be able to travel.

When it comes to travel planning, travel insurance is often overlooked but it’s very important. Traveling without insurance can be a nightmare.

I had a motorbike accident in Thailand, been food poisoned in Mexico and Cuba… and I’m grateful I had insurance!

When in Egypt, one travel buddy fell on the boat and broke his leg, needing urgent surgery. Everything was easier because he had insurancere.

But travel insurance doesn’t cover just health. It will protect you from theft, lost luggage, emergency prescriptions and even other difficult situations like civil wars or natural disasters.

I’m currently traveling with annual travel insurance with Heymondo that keeps me covered in every trip. They compare several international insurance companies to get the best offer depending on the type of trip and traveler.


Booking.com is perfect for finding different types of hotels. It includes everything from budget alternatives to 4 or 5 stars hotels.

Click here to get a 10% discount on your next trip with booking.com!

Airbnb is perfect for those moments when I’d rather stay in another type of properties like a private apartment or villa.

Click here to get 30€ off on your first stay with airbnb!

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When it comes to inspiration to travel to a certain destination, it really depends on the type of trip. When it’s about enjoying nature I prefer to have no idea about what to expect, however I prefer to check what to visit before going on a city break.

Photowise, I use Instagram and Pinterest to find these cool places and different angles.

As for cool experiences and local trips I like to read travel blogs! I usually type “name of the city travel blog” on google to find the best articles.

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When it comes to flights, I’m sorry: I’m very basic!

I basically use Skyscanner, period. A few times I’ve used Google flights too, but Skyscanner is still my favorite.

However, the best tip I can give you when it comes to flights is to sign up to low cost airlines’ newsletters. That way you won’t miss the next flash sale from Ryanair. I’ve lost count of how many 10€ flights I’ve bought from them!

Tips long haul flights

Getting Around

Once you get to your new exciting destination, there are so many ways to get to one place or another! I personally like to check the maps before to cover all the places I want to visit and get the most of my time.

These are my favorite apps!

Google maps is always a good idea. I use it to know how much it will take me to get somewhere by feet or how to get there with public transportation. I also create my own maps of a certain destination, pinning the places I don’t want to miss. That way I can visit nearby places in the most effective way.

Maps.me is the alternative to Google maps when I don’t have internet connection like in Cuba.

Rome2Rio is my favorite app when it comes to travel from one place to another when these places aren’t too far. It will compare the duration and price of different options like taxis, trains or Blablacar.

Uber, Cabify and Taxify. You know about this already, right? Depending on the country, one may be cheaper or better than any other.

I really love Blablacar: you always meet very nice and interesting people! I’ve been using it in Spain, Portugal and Italy, but I know it works well in France and other countries too. Very often, it saves time and money, and you get a nice chat into the bargain!


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