5 reasons to visit Iceland in winter


5 reasons to visit Iceland in winter

There were few people who thought I was crazy about wanting to go to Iceland in the middle of winter. If I had trusted the criteria of others, I should have waited for the summer to visit this beautiful country and I would have missed one of the most amazing trips I have done so far. Want to know what it's like to visit Iceland in winter? In this post I give you 5 reasons to do it. Go ahead!

1. Aurora Borealis

I could finish the list here, right? To meet face to face with the Northern Lights well deserves a trip and in Iceland in winter. If it's too cold and the sky is clear, chances are you can enjoy it! Having the opportunity to hunt Aurora Borealis is one of the most amazing things you can do in Iceland. The aurora borealis can be seen from October to April and is the biggest advantage of travelling to Iceland in winter. There are no words to describe this experience and it justifies for itself a trip to the country in low season. To see the forecast of the Aurora in Iceland you will need to consult this website: Aurora forecast, where you have to look at two things: first, in the probability of observing auroras (appears in the upper right corner with an index from 0 to 9) and then in The map that indicates the areas with the most visibility. The auroras can be seen at the points on the map that appear in white (Do not get confused: the green color in this case indicates the cloudiness). The photo you see on these lines was taken with probability 4.

2. is cheaper

Iceland is one of the most expensive countries in Europe and as a tourist you will pay more than you expected on many occasions, like €5 for a chocolate bar:( The winter in Iceland coincides with the low season, which applied to accommodation and car rental makes that in these months the rates are cheaper, reaching even 50% of the price you would pay for the same in summer. A reason that makes a difference!

3. There is less tourism

This is a guess I got out of my sleeve because I haven't been to Iceland in the summer (still!). But if in low season there were already many crowded lodgings and hordes of tourists in some places, I don't want to imagine how the reality of the high season can be. Iceland is fashionable so if you go in summer, plan with months in advance to not stay without hotel (more info about the accommodations we use during our week in Iceland here) and armed of patience to be able to take pictures without spontaneous. By the way, the photo alone with the plane is a very complicated task! If you need help with the itinerary, keep an eye on our one-week itinerary to Iceland in winter.

4. It's not as cold as you think…

… If you are properly sheltered! It is advisable to dress with several coats and clothes and footwear of mountain, and do not forget to carry some good gloves (I carried some mittens with peli inside that saved me from freezing while photographing Aurora Boreales). I'm not going to lie to you, it's cold. In the middle of March we reached -7 º C and even -13 º C… Fortunately, the heating of the car can save you if necessary;) But overall we were very lucky: the Sun wore out every day! And despite being so far north, it warmed enough to be at ease without using all the layers of clothing, even in areas as remote as Thórsmork.

5. The Snowy Landscapes

Driving around Iceland is a real delight and going through the whole snowy scenery is beautiful. Our arrival in Iceland coincided just after the biggest snowfall in the country since the years 50, so the amount of snow that had was higher than the usual. Quite a marvel! Yes, I know, maybe I've been too lucky, but you can have the same thing too:) Anyway, one of the reasons I want to go back to Iceland in the summer is to be able to enjoy the landscapes without snow, the change has to be brutal and I would love to enjoy the colors of the country. So although I'm recommending you visit Iceland in winter you will finally have to do it also in summer as it is a country that changes a lot according to the time. I will not tire of saying it: Iceland deserves a whole life! * Related Post: Questions and Answers: Iceland

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