Glamping in Big Berry, Slovenia

Glamping in Big Berry, Slovenia

Big Berry is a glamping site located on the banks of the Kolpa river, the natural border between Slovenia and Croatia. They have built some design houses in which they have taken care of to the minimum detail-including a Jacuzzi!

I tried glamping in Galicia first and I declare myself a fan. 

One of the things we enjoyed the most during our days in Big Berry in addition to the activities, were the breakfasts. Every day breakfast included a pogaca, the typical bread of Bela Krajina, natural apple juice and other delicacies. Breakfasts in front of the Kolpa river have been one of the best we have enjoyed in all our trips, with organic products.

Bela Krajina, a hidden gem in Slovenia

Bela Krajina is a rural area in Slovenia that has not yet fallen into the hands of mass tourism. Big Berry is trying to painting its rural charm and the beautiful area as a new model in responsible tourism.

Big Berry makes it possible to get to know Bela Krajina through its landscapes, traditions and gastronomy, making the community being part of it. All of this is combined with a luxury stay for the guests, who are entertained with activities of all kinds. As a result, our days in Big Berry were the most special experience we had in Slovenia.

The Kolpa River

The Kolpa River is the natural border between Slovenia and Croatia and is the best way to cool off in the Slovenian summer. Getting up every day overlooking the river and being able to paddle to another country is priceless! One of the days we take a canoe and paddle to the waterfalls nearby.

Krupa River Spring

The Krupa River is born in a dreamy place, next to a white rock wall. Given its beauty, it’s a popular location for wedding photography.

Otok aircraft

This Red Cross aircraft rests in between corn fields in Picadilly Hope, the name received by the improvised airport created near Metlika after the Germans destroyed the previous one.

Things to do in Big Berry

Thanks to Big Berry we had the opportunity to enjoy different activities that organize for its guests:

  • Wine tasting at the restaurant Veselic: Andreja is in charge of this restaurant, who took care of serving us an abundant dinner accompanied by 5 different types of wine from Bela Krajina.
  • Shiatsu massage in Big Berry: Chante is a shiatsu therapist originally from Chicago who works at Big Berry. I loved this experience!
  • Foodie experience at the restaurant Muller: portions are huge in Bela Krajina, so at Muller we asked for a dish to share between two – it was more than enough for us.
  • Handicraft Cvitkovic Gallery: in this gallery we learnt how traditional products are being still manufactured in Bela Krajina. We also decorated the typical Easter eggs (called pisanice) in the traditional way: with beeswax and dyes. Until you get down to work you don’t realize the work behind all these products.
  • Homestead Farm Zupancic: here we celebrated the Garlic festival of Bela Krajina. There was a small flea market, and garlic soup and garlic ice cream were served!
  • Homestad SRAJF: we learned to cook the delicious pogaca, a delicious bread that is not found outside Bela Krajina. Believe me when I say that Pogaca is enough reason to visit Bela Krajina!
  • Canoe on the River Kolpa: As soon as we had a little while we ordered one of the canoes that have in Big Berry and paddle to the waterfalls, we loved rowing to Croatia!
  • Berryshka: in this factory of liquors and chocolates we were able to taste their products… and know how they were made.
  • Chef Night Edition: every Saturday Big Berry invites a chef to cook for the guests a themed dinner.
  • Guided Tour of Bela Krajina with RIC: Kristian took us through some of the most emblematic places in Bela Krajina, including the three churches, the beautiful postcard image in Krupa and the Otok plane.
  • Oil Mill Pecaric: here we tasted more than 20 different types of oil! My favorite? Pumpkin, which might well be a worthy (and healthier) substitute for the Nutella.

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