10 Best Sunset Spots In Porto

Best sunset spots in Porto

Sunsets are a truly magical moment of the day, and sunsets in Porto are pretty special. I’ve already shared with you the absolute best photo locations in Porto, and today you’ll discover with me the best sunset spots in this lovely city.

When in Porto, make sure you don’t miss any sunset! It’s the best way to celebrate the end of another memorable travel day.

Before your trip

Before your trip, I’d highly recommend booking the following in advance:

Check the information below before your trip to Porto:


I’m sure you’re adding Ribeira to your travel itinerary in Porto – just make sure to go at least once for the sunset!

Order some Porto wine at any of the terraces with a view to the Douro river. Cheers to that!

Mosteiro da Serra do Pilar

Another typical thing to do when visiting Porto is crossing the bridge from Porto to Gaia: make sure to make it a couple of times!

At the other end of the bridge in Gaia, Mosteiro da Serra do Pilar is a must. There you will get the best view to Porto and Luis I bridge.

Kitties Rock

Not far from the previous spot, there’s a cat colony who owns one of the best views in town.

Disclaimer: Kitties rock is not the real name for this place, it doesn’t really have a name as it’s a rock in the middle of nowhere (bur you have the exact location in the map at the end of this post!)

Keep in mind that this place may be not accessible due to works. Plus, you’ll need to climb a tall rock so dress in a way that allows you to do that.

Porto sunset spots

Palacio de Cristal

A bit outside the touristy area, Palacio de Cristal has a sweet view of the Douro river and Arrabida bridge in the background. Because it’s a bit out of town (around 20 minutes walking from Porto city center) it won’t be as crowded as other places on the list and it’s one of my favorite picks.

Passeio das Fontainhas

Passeio das Fontainhas has a beautiful view of Luis I bridge, too.

Everywhere in this avenue is picture-perfect, but especially the staircase you can see below these words. I’ve received tons of questions about it on instagram!

Things to do in Porto

Miradouro da Vitoria

The best part (sometimes is the worst, though) of Porto is that is quite hilly, so there are viewpoints in almost every side of the city.

Miradouro da Vitoria is not far from the Clérigos area, so if you’re nearby, go here.

Passeio das Virtudes

Miradouro das Virtudes is the best viewpoint for those that don’t care about pretty views or instagram photos. However, the views are still good!

Here, locals and tourists grab some drinks and just enjoy the last moments of sunlight chatting and having fun. It’s also one of my favorites!

Miradouro dos Grilos

Right behind Sé do Porto (also known as Porto cathedral) there’s a viewpoint nearby Igreja dos Grilos.

This one is quite special and hidden for most tourists. I really love this area!

Cable car station

Not far from the mentioned Mosteiro da Serra do Pilar, the cable car station has a sweet view to Porto. It’s one of the most popular places in Porto for sunset – even when it’s technically located in Gaia.

Foz do Douro

Welcome to my favorite side of Porto, one that is often overlooked by most tourists: the seaside.

Foz do Douro doesn’t lack touristy attractions including castles, fortresses, beaches, lighthouses, and the most epic sunsets.

All the locations in the map

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  1. Porto is definitely beautiful at sunrise and sunset. I love that you included locations that focus on the architecture and others that focused on the natural beauty that Porto encompasses. Absolutely, lovely photos! I’m an avid sunrise/sunset photographer myself so this was definitely inspiring to see all the different locales that offer a great view of the sunset in a city. Excited to explore Porto again this fall!

  2. Definitely beautiful spots to enjoy the sunset or get great photos! I have never been to Porto but I want to visit someday for sure. I always like to check the best photo spots from online before heading to a new city. This is definitely helpful. Love the photos!

  3. I love sunsets and therefore loved seeing wonderful sunsets photos of Porto. The red roofs and orange sky makes Porto a wonderful photogenic spot. It is difficult to decide my favorite but if I have to decide one spot then Passeio das Fontainhas is my favorite. The view of bridge and red roofs with beautiful sky is perfect.

  4. Porto is such a beautiful town. Glad you showed such architecturally rich areas of Porto along with such beautiful sunsets 😀 Lovely pictures, especially the one at Palacio de Cristal!!!

  5. This is a gorgeous place, very instagram worthy! The sunset is amazing, those rooftops are interesting. No wonder this place is romantic!

  6. What a lovely town is Porto. Loved the scene at Miradouro dos Grilos in these pictures. The dramatic sky makes it more special. Thanks for sharing the handy map. .

  7. I’m so glad I came across this article! I never visited Porto but will be visiting this summer. These sunset spots look amazing and I’m definitely looking forward to exploring some of them. Thank you for sharing this amazing article

  8. I have never been to porto but I would love to visit for its Sunset. I am a sucker of the golden hour. The city looks absolutely amazing from the top. Really loved your dress and boots.

  9. I was recently in Porto and found the staircase on Passeio das Fontainhas where you took that beautiful photo, but now it’s closed (it’s locked and there is barbed wire). Frankly, I understand why they’ve locked it – it’s a part of a staircase to someone’s house, there were probably too many tourists coming there to take photos… But there is another fantastic spot on this street, just few steps closer to the Luis I Bridge and you can take photos there without disturbing residents 🙂 It’s actually visible on your pic too (on the right hand side).
    BTW, for me the best spot to watch the sunset was the Jardim do Morro, lots of young people was chilling there, drinking Port wine, playing guitars and laughing, fantastic atmosphere and lovely view!

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